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Monthly Archives: October 2008

  ok,  Now i am stone. The work called with more construction demands.
my life called wondering when it would get attention.
i tell both “I will do that it will only take a second.
a tryp funny. which is which i which,
do i care the destination of body
a demand to production.
but after the bread is baked
who is you freind.
in any casse it is a ghost of the first foot falling.
my echo of maddness.
small man WALKING

while the election spurs around me .. I have already voted, Washington state is a Mail in Voting System. NO TRUsT NEEDED.

and i elected you. Writing in Names of people unheard
or represented, i elected you to see the world as a consciousness
of energy.  And as a changable system.
we are life..
to spend a day of attention is never involving.
it is a day, with a grubby face and waking coffee
it is easier when the form sitts in front of you.
and choise are life , the cream.
and yet.
there seem not to be a gaol i can represent.
no rulmore
of rumor.
irony bitting throats.
killed my brother man like my father man
one more  mothercrys,
devoid of feeling so toxic man
the infantile rule.
So occasion the mirth to array , it’s self in disarray and glory. an escapist dreams created to contort, absorb the hit, and expand
in to it.
max payne Sucks.. ( my movie review)
plants grow slow
but not see the Trials
left by the form
is insanity.

It is morning. I awake where i sleep. The amount of time is another off the hour we will call life after.. After . but before is the moment. this now.
A wide view is, I am sorry to say, scary. The world financial markets seem waiting to crash, the lies of how much a thing costs in a projected market caught up with the lie. A final dipping into the world’s people. But i am not the world , So my view is narrowed a little. I am American. Ill educated cause our one person one vote forgot a voter must be educated enough to vote. An American who’s pay check has always been confined to utility bills, who has never been able to save. And has been further confined to running from or fighting with mismanaged landlords. IN our land of the free and the brave. Lets watch the rest of our future go to the markets revenge on the little people. Like the global economy and cross border trade did to the manufacturing industry, did to the tax structure of new Orleans, Detroit and every state acrossed the country. For only the federal government gets the Tariffs, The same government which gave the money to the rich, who then gave it to the Global hierarchy, who used it to create Banks, and lending people, who then charged awesome credit rates to the least able to afford it back in the same government which refuses to help its people in the first place. But what is not discussed is that the numbers are false in the first place. we create an economy around whatever the Liers can get a person to agree to. A person who is already spent trying to get by against the society which is created against them. And then you have only to raise the prices of what a person must deal with ,, Gas Prices was the last leg.. and you wonder how this happened.. you wonder how a war in Iraq, created disharmony with Oil prices, you wonder how a president could lie in order to start it in the first place. or how a friend of the president could be involved with the Pearl harbor in the form of 9/11. This was planned.. and the final leg of the dis-investment of the American tax payer to American Security both Domestic infrastructure, and Globally is my waking news.
with the history “Bail out” we are deepening the divide our children are going to cross to get to college, in order to feed their children in order to live FREE, by giving our future to the Global hierarchy,, who we don’t give the name ARISTOCRAT’s any more.
We are paying them for fucking us.. and even worse, we are arranging secret deals with this same law.. After giving Billions of Dollars to Haliburton through secret agreements, we are now finishing your future with 700 billion to more of the same against the American people. Who will see no progress on our streets cause of it. and we hear rumors of Global Troops on American soil.
I awake where i slept. a nice house in Washington State, it is one of the nicest i have been in. Paying to much rent , and having no food cause i can afford it. I can afford to sell my soul and beg for a physical security like nothing has changed since serfdom.
oh yea it is another day.