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Monthly Archives: May 2009

oh so powerful is fear.

Scarred in sided scarred in side
and told softly
closing in doors
.. Effect me with your stare
to scared and scarred tears

and grow combating
this lone and enchanting
inner sin to the obsolete.
and greater toward grace only.
sad eyes that once were children.

And well come the day , another in where we are curing what ails us. i was looking at a book on Theater, as a discussion. or the compatibilities of Hamlet to Sophocles, and the awareness of ourselves that Drama demands. And recognize my Work as a discussion of the same.
it was inspirational. to have a point from which to start out on. the point is of course ourselves. flower
You know i paint.

and Baring all the World concerns again for another day, for can not comment on Obama, as i am silent long enough to find a complex rumor of the average connection to the presidency , like i failed to be impressed by Ford. i am still in the Waiting room for Obama, The Opinion i cherish , Americans are not STrom Troopers and we do not like our multi-cultural blood to be spilled in Vendetta ways, like Iraq preposes. to the Unknown Citizen, the ones who die. Americans like causes, had one, but with all the people of the place there must be a unity.. before attacking with such a large foreign weapon.
but I paintalittle. and there in my art, i want to say here, or somewhere before i die, is a revultion of standard form.
I see form as a prejudice. it says this is this, when nothing leads or teaches from the stability of ancient imagines. the man standing is a god, is a representation. like in the understanding of words. being taught for the cultural applications instead of the tonal, and “between the words” sense which gives our minds information of the highths of humanity. The inner Dialogue we are sure to take up one day, soon. but seems not to be the mass of the last few years. as A top ten sellers list goes.
or am i mistaken, for the rise in Self help books. and other such FActual WEar, we rebuke the ultimate direction of our time, as i have just described, and we are going inside. more and more and more, the substance of a changing world, And the Van guards of Mankinds Epoch leading to our own Age of Aquarius.
to be inclusive.
of even the tidal gravitation pulls of planets we call or have called Astrology. as that energy interacts with the water and energy balance of our spirits physical wear.
my paintings want to teach that art is everywhere, and inside the is many more pictures if you look and let you experience CREATIVE sight. for Art is everywhere. and we understand by how we look for it.
i go on To understand A naturally learned knowledge through mediation and self discover, through the implications of my transcendent ideas of energy and bodily fluids. In my limited works, i am reaching for the teaching and rejoices of arts natural tendency ,, as it is my tendency to find and discover the truths for which the conscious mind learns a truth to civility and continuance of our species.

loved would so very deeply.

To think the angles and gestures of the wind
Confuses. what moves moves.
Unfortunate to question
The dance of lilies

Where brow and bough
Are the same in fluidity
Escapes justified in planet’s pulls.
Physical inspiration tasted
Implemented by moments
desirous , without fathom equality
for what is that doesn’t hold on.
is not.

Open mike for Kidds..
HI I am Kada. I would like to bring, an “Open Mike” for your child’s party to you.

The benefits of releasing your child’s throat schrokra, are enormous especially when they are in a controlled environment.

Also it gives your children, a chance to hear other children say what they are going to say

and its is all good!!! ( what seems to happen is that they really get happy for their minutes of fame.. lol)

And I do the announcing and interlacing dialogue just to keep the adults happy and bring it all together. ,,

( your child’s supervision is still yours if they don’t listen to me. 🙂

I am a street performance artist and singer songwriter. I have performed in community theater , Movies, and Videos, Performing the last three summers on the streets, and. as recently as Friday on Holly street.

The service is 100. dollars for four hours, with deposit if scheduled. ,

will do large and small parties.
with a Banner of Enertialcall Theater.

I have not made a website for this .. you can call or email me.. with two day notice.

yes write that and move on , except the idea took an hour and a half to get it right , or at least the best i could think.
And then the rest of the night comes.

Hope to see you soon

Trust me it will be a kids Moment.

They will remember with “can he come again ?”.. lol”
but they will get bored if you do it to much..
God Bless

and yes i posted it. but there we are, the great idea meets reality. a constant in a time of depression the excess need for money. where there is not enough there is invention. but yet. who has time for the throat schrocka?
Truthfully everyone should reach to enhance what enhances.
and yet. these are only my words. the sorted romancing of a mobile home childhood. drugged and sorted against my abilitiy to devote all senses to one idea. i don’t have that kind of merit or enslavement in mind for self. Achievement has not made me, so far i am made by my failure. and yet we live to understand what is what is what. our harmonies only achieve, and as yet you see little of my achievement. i like my videos.
an another idea. caught in the jaws of what i can afford and the community my travels inspire.
lol.. i am not inspirational. no i walk around like the world was watching me, a paranoia, a guarding against some ghost with violent eyes. i know it at least even through i am trying to speak in symbolism.
all is in the end symbolic
i would hope you would see.
to read me
i will publish this but i might not edit. we shall see. the broken concentration promoted through the raw. is funny ,, the slips into dialogues given through a misspelling. or a mispronounce effect when i try to spell.

but you remember to look at the videos.
my telling to a peace ,, the improvised session.
But i am crazy enough to feel myself escaping through the music to my escape of truth. leaving time for spritual-tides, like science promotes in my head. or Media. with a story line using the god energy called the force.
and the beat walks on. telling each moment of environment and sufferance, like a laborer’s telling. Meditation on the mike and easing the guitar.
and all the words of god mixed inside what she said.,
her standing enough to pain and evolve a plants thoughts
an innocence of the dead, the lay of time “un-lead”.

do i watch as i deny, as i am walking again in nerves, and recognizing my self creation. oh where i can go with a statement. and where my street sense says i am right. my immediate sense that spark of light behind a set of eyes, one looks for walking darkness, around a corner. on the pinnacle, between safety and sudden distress. so understanding, for the ego knows, his blindness while stating the Tao.
thinking kills, to feel is light.
so suddenly events change me , i walk into the pain , leaving again in my car. the pain, cause, i wanted to make a stand from here, cause someone accepted me enough to help me. another someone. and i am tired of needing to be saved, and yet like a lamb, i pick up my guitar again.
The streets litter my soul. maybe, the events of foreign eyes hearing something. anything, the children,, stopping looking , the joy in the ability to make noise, the recognition of a flow some know as there own some day, and here a representation. how nice, their eyes say.
Some times i think they are asking weather i can see them, their souls rocking out with the newity and the novel closeness to a live performer. Let me play for children all the time.
and the stories, the lies, and the hopes portrayed with peoples eyes as they pass.
as i step closer to saying something. necessary to one who i will never see.
I hope I inspire and create agreements. and the day moves on. a good idea. and ideas.
i have more cds. the artist Lea Kelley helps my produce them.
and i know i have no choice but to play like the answer to a professional voice in me says it is and the winter has been without.
And avoid , again the acking of my pain. if i look there. when vision is so tunnel, there can only be the right movements movements which say good things. alone on the street i feel good things. lonely things , also. self conscious things. then you get a smile. and that is enough things. to forget what can only be described as a system of thought,
on the point of falling one way or another. the balance is the determined living. the peace is the answer of life. as i learn a new cover tune ,, and decide to write more songs.
three cord improvisation are for special occasions. like you shouldn’t jam to much lol.
i think i will send this to blog. just cuase some think i should do it daily, but ..