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Monthly Archives: June 2009

there is a good time,
and there is a time to touch
to fullfill the absence.
Gracing gladened eyes.
with honors of works
unme but of the tale
without in stars
of human understandings.
there is no wonder
a touch saves me again.

it is late , yet, even as tomorrow comes , a spell of work , and we will see. a telling of histories , by walking. a gesture of self as importance is argued and questions remark the kindness of a day of work. So absent the strength , the counter kept at bay from the demanding willlessness of surrender.
and yet just before. when sleep would be more my stead i celebrate what isn’t with health of a touch.
and do . inspire.

Another day.
how long until the computer starts to mess up. how long until the one who is finding love in me realizes i can not love. how long until the passive become active and dis-evolve me from them. i find the morning , here now. a place made of what i am not doing . a place making the day to be lean in sun , like normal, but me alive to the sun’s miss meaning. i feel its dull color.
What am i doing here. love demanding love attention. so torn as to who to love, Is it to love the mass? when that is control and overlord active in how we look. The Class and Culture we are, so distroyed by a ‘system” such to not understand the psycotic which achieved it. There plainly written onto my birth certicacate, the death of father from a war on … who was it then? my uncle Dies from the same war to prove there will be no more war, Again.
DNA, damn natial autority.
oh jones the siver spoon.
the god machine
And yet the little wills of men to understand and progress, while taking offence and in that becoming offensive. A maze race while each turn takes us ferther and ferther intothe viens which lead us to the systems evil against true nature. Accept it is not complete and we just put it down and nature doesnt have to be learned, it is to feel constantly, it is that we forget to feel.
To control starts with thoughts of the controled.
pain war shelter repetition
not just from seeing, but the wonder at what to see, how to look, leaving the children more and more confused, as image equals a being but not the spirit. A clean slate marded by cleaned off formuilas, constant faded chaulk for the pretend dust of a white lite writting.

Another moment.
have i left words unsaid ,
the remark is in tone. for those you can not understand. and i do not ,, either, the Tao is never written.
This weeend. a time comes and goes here.
breaing from the all to the minute. to the interesting for all else is suffered history. i thought about, in company , the product i did once make, called the Enertialcall.
i did once make for now the vision is larger and the product gets undone. like the problem’s demand grew larger as the concept made is words true by the living.
paper i on the way out. you will read through cd.
maybe revenge againt the illumination.
i am not sure. but the meaning is plian.
ideas are the spurned grounds of the intellect
ego of self
is control of input.
if real: you have to concider. not real
offers time saving.
but is
time saving
is profit
are you willing.
or have you already willed
is phophet panic
or profit panicing
for the prophet of prophecy.
panic profit.
and first to the water rules its dept
as Me Dia .
and then we think of Tomas Paine