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Monthly Archives: July 2009

another day ,
and it is not me to plan. words appear and disappear with realities all their own,
what is today is not tomorrow
and yet
what never leaves is the most unspoken.
for fly whims
the statue spin
to incongruity
flow-ed upward
trumpets blaring kings will to stars.

i do not look for what is to say as all is and can not be avoided , what time is time is time , there is no time in heaven.
simple logic , a first tenet of a spiritual science.
or looking is the cancer.
to view and be unredeemed , for you can not stop the process and can not decide to accept powerlessness as a choice.
To stare into the television and complain. is enough for the middle to stay the same.
complaining to a lonely room where lost love comes with lost security, where pain can not be drivin away from the family member lost, or the house bombed.
Staring into television to understand panic. anger, murderous and sexual intent, is leading the American trauma.
I am a three year old child
seen death on tv
know what mommy and daddy do
i am three year old
oh yes its true.
I spent yesterday looking into my journal with the oddities, of a described process of understanding, in me of course, this pains staking mental gruel of a spirit for which still demands importance, to its self. no matter the numbing it also creates to off set, what heart has trouble seeing.. did you know i have a limp. it shows when i look for it. for which identifies it. so i see it enough now to tell you , and there by it goes away,
but now it is some movement in my feelings to understand how they once fell away from me, it is a dialogue given in restraints, for the achievement is enough for me,, just to think it.. to write down the process as singularly as i can helps me see it more. the slow definitions and addresses of reasons i have already put in place, the steps of conscious. plains that start off with simplicity,,”of this is a side effect of that.” and then all remembrances follow suit, each step is a plat- toe ,, but beware, there is no up, there is only embodiment.
What fantasies of innocents we take on.. falsely, make us suffer, i am trying to see.
i am not so .. and should be more feared when i am quiet.
but see that..
as we stop and look as a symbol appears from a side of me,, this side that wants to be feared,, like the respect would follow.. but it is only the left over from a land far away, and little ,as i listen to troop movements, and Bankers paying themselves off again

after all that is written about imf.wto.

And i wonder weather suffering child abuse wont come in handy.
to understand the tyranny of liberties promoters.
At least i can understand the tyrant.
all cause peace seems to easy.
market need
up and down,
banker need economics
everyone else need peace.
The world Financial crisis is a joke.
a planned joke.
and i feel the lord of the manor coming after me for telling a lie , i told to get out of getting hit.
i am a smallness of my being
to have only this and this
here to shout out to the world
we have perspective and can change,
, we can forget inner personal nature for the determined forecasts of stereo-typical-ness, influenced and driven home with tv and movies.( no discerning do we walk; the silent, )
YOU see the trauma and speak,, making time into timelessness, faith into science, and feeling silent for so long, only prayer equals get a new day, a new way of seeing all.
it is astral travel, it is mediation, it is getting over for the nonphysical-ness of molecular science,
we are light,, without body,,

we are light without sex,
sex is the magic of two spirits, (why we feel badly when cheapened in the experience and feel so great as we pass through to true love for a souls loneliness. Energies and how they register, so common place as to be re regarded as a commonsense . A shared identity to natural faith.
We need the acceptance of spiritual science to grant peace and a written goal of governments.
i have to stop i have started thinking.. .

and so on another keys
i pound down a strip of letters.
A friend and i have a deal when she is away, i write every day.and so it goes.
it is maybe more my saying . but inspiration must be strong sometimes.
and what do i say now.
my head is filled with the lacking of my head is filled with thee.
oh answers to riddles put upon
day dreaming angers the waiting dawn.
imposed to change
impressed to evolve
the hideous joke . choice.

answering with adaption. and yet,
what divine to eloquence when all
seems so force, command line than.
a soft breath at midnight.

a dreaming soft parade,
a heaven without harm
oh natures charm.

So plan as i might i can not err.
the reasons for tide that are .
and i stand up
when it is beneath me.
so as to keep a civil mind.

And to write.
contemplated, where all before was need , so such to litter a heart in its most growing. to tell the culture and the responsibility the small town boy felt . when the first words and the last we . I want.
there fulfilled by every lonely hour, and drove away to many people as in the alone are just that, they are gods in the voices, of themselves. All of Culture
is based on how we feel but yet,
torn we are from that
we feel.
for that which leads us,
the escapist dream’s of socialism in capitalism
lead me with the insurance apple ,
after the military apple, after the bankers apple.
is one meal a day.

but i am smoked .. i am stoned .. i am seeing to much and looking to hard, meditate, breath , i should be lucky , and i REad victor hugo. like it was written to teach everything. a whole world on the devotion of the soul , the written reaction personally philosophic.
I can not seem to think and the words are not mine.
we gesture to the “larger” with every power. and yet
we are what we are.. evolution comes hard for me. i am down when i consider how little i have done. the same escapes and yet, there is hope in some. like the finding of truth not mislaid but Rhetoric. such that the tao not spoken is a heart acke.
Schools go down. budget cuts, our people get “loster”, and all owe one 1000.oo dollar a person. (which will be spent on their behalf.)
not to mention the rest. Corporate control deforrestation, what stops the nature leads and what is the nature
becomes clandestine. HIdding like Gallao.
Bring the AMA to task
Make the FDA assume Organic first and levels of harm as a new system.
Grade A is RAW.
and all this while teaching mediation in schools. and giving art departments , music and theater more..
if you cannot tell it has been awhile since, i have written for the blog, a motion of my living, of course, wandering away form the quiet of words. illusion for my mentality to grow. It seem the closer to the truth the less i say, thinking myself egotistic and ill prepared to make statements. and when i do. they come from know where, and are simple and further statement is illusion more bar talk and excessive aggrandizement.
but with in one to speak is the hope of millions.
there in my pain i see path and devotion feelings.
I see we are the same and the elements just need to be considered
or maybe i am feeding words that are said by many.
and not enough freed.

but i walk a mortal line of being a joke , the excesses i see and can not change of myself. the world is there, and it has made me pensive and comparative. it has lent more to what i need to do then who i am .. the changes are that which you control and that which is of you.. There, in dis balance, inertia is peace when chaos is defaulting, as market demands. The fat and feeding child.with a trillion hungry.
Alone isn’t represented..
but will be . we have only that one moment of death that we share and can agree on.
and sides divided sides divided.
but still make one light.
a caring for the world and breathing more.
a living of light and feeling torn
what silent grace
and will to scorn
the acking of your time.

all starts a fire
so nothing is demand.