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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Sort of … A one act play by K.A.Ambrose

so here we are in love with ourselves,

misery it past and is the infamous fantasy

sort of like hearing intuition






Costume for c1 and c2 is white faces with normal lips. ..

Act one

Tom on a bed center stage.  An easel holding a window stage left. C2 and C1 leaning in arch pose  ((c1 and c2  inner arms are extended between them,, they look like they are holding each other up.) behind Tom


Wandering outside of body gives balance.

a gray  light dawn ethereal dreaming

awoke a sense;  to include forms despairing,

bathed in rain

disenchanted to day  thoughts

await a last gasp

I can not see.

Faces knowing life’s end immediate.

Children receiving the punishment of aged history’s forgetfulness. Parents driven to slavery hours or a heart’s crying guilt. Stories come to decisions made in transient conscious escapes..  there is only yourself to save.

what liberty the mind is to roam freely.


awakening to find out there was no reason

to sleep

how she could of

stayed awake and listened to the early

morning birds and watched as the last of the night shifted a crossed the sky..


what would endless beauty give when even

Beauty in a violent age is short lived.


to what .. Just to ..

to react?

Tom (alternate lines)

To what.. beauty I would see as a grand human nature God unalone, mine. for it is all as right to find . A training is from living.

What conscious I create invokes facts I dream and there is to dream falling in line with ghosts and meditation. Oh what workings the conscious body to change and grow. but while endless are the verses composed to nature we still live our fears controlled by ourselves!


So easily do you talk.

So easy are the words

so ready from your lips

but not even you

can listen..


I heard about movements

in time

reacting to Humanities intermixture with technology.

personal evolution leads to decisive actions.


pearls to pigs

Characters Freeze

Welcome the invisible

Act Two

Tom is sleeping on bed. C1 is holding C2 without touching, any closer and they

would look like they are making love.


For the first lines c1 remains motionless until “and onto more infamous temptations.” where he almost closes his hug of c2.

Banter our wills

joy and delight

and onto more

infamous temptations


Slipping under c1 grasp she escapes to the front of the stage for the rest of the act c1 and c2 move around stage an approach and escape.

Digesting Freedom, are you.


starts in his sleep.. rolling ,, no snoring..


Yes partly.  Romancing while the odds stand to enact more futile futures.  Goal tripping opportunism fashion,  combined into a nilistic fascism .. served cold.

The incredible edible me..

MOTION c1 moves to c2.  they start to move together.. his hand sweeping the length of her body .hers comes up from the bottom. of his waist. flows up ,, then down.  Each are holding the other if the other was a lot thicker than they really are.   IE  holding Auras. ….

MOTION. c1 and c2 look over the crowd the infinity of the back of the house  horizon line,, or choose group of people and deliver lines at them,, but never react to them,, or show any acknowledgement…. these notes are to be used as broad definitions to performance plotting… nothing in stone..)


Did you want to make adventure out of  thought ..


Speaking out from his dream.

Love! liberty, freedom.


You still staring at my reflection instead of me.


Past is within touch, inherent sensuality, picking apart emotions vision.


there is so much to see within.


If only you would . letting to cast asunder the lies of romance.

if…… maybe….. we could make each others spirits soar . an independence commitment.


What my other would for global peace in eyes and education.

Our twinned waters, calmed knowing love’s first transcendence.

C2 and C1

But What ends

the lie

to that which

is trained into body.

You. Me. to forgive the molestations of  flesh.


it is only to passion to have security.


equaling the forgetting .


Sane daily forgetting


let us fantasize that we care,


You become my dream


, Equaling ecstasy to  touch.


Changing  day


to a day with you.


Can you answer my loneliness, Should I ask you to.


What power trust it s own to live.


Hunger asks little to be fed.


Working emotions into sculptures Clay and mortar

Building.   Yes but to love? To know.   You would.   For I do.


Bubbles and Wine all the time mantras, I soaked to splendor and let you desire me.

I watch like a sensual  power is  logic this life created.. For me, it has been sodemy to spirit un washable guilt . waste,  emptiness and deniability..

for I am to me what I give to others.


once you let go

all can follow..


Sex is the closest teacher of spirit after dreaming.

Singing our fathers to sleep

Act 4


Has day made you feel


More  angry then violent


looking at audience

Are we you


Answering  loyalty

with property.


What past a touch suggests,


taken from touch

given in touch


Absorbing a caring.


You hurt me.


Defiled innocence.


fuck me fraudulent, pretending, witting first privacies a forever first touch

and then Release …no love and only denial.. Day dreams and delicacies folded and tossed into the street. secrets to find later as more of the eternal same.


in Quiet watches.  gathering shoes and socks .


leaving nothing behind


nothing given is nothing lost..


Nothing is


the definition of spiritual materialism.

as energy and emotion ooze.

All ways released is to much

Act 5

There is a bottle and a table next to bed..

MOTION- c1 and c2 stand in arch pose


Violence has become again a stand for religion


Where you felt me, and escaped


Yes but I compose that to economics.

My size rather than security.

How helpless we seem to mechanics.


( moving up stage )

Smiling  simply

I found an orange ball

bouncing it gave me pleasure, then

hitting a pebble  it juggled the ball into choosing path by rampant gravities, Knowing I was to follow.


to kill raised

images only older trainings , hatred Crying tortured Shame. Faces with destruction, Release.

Is a question of sanity.


Mood swings developed menstruation, blood warning death, The ball hits an angle down into an alley

C1 and C2

(moving back together into the stand with joined hands.)

Do you know how many lies it takes to create an adventure?

C1 noticing c2…


There are all sides, I once met a man who was an addict, prostituted himself  even as others would look into his crystal blue eyes.


He replaced them


He replaced them

he replaced to much


Have you shot heroin, tried LSD

have you disconnected.


Why should you ask?

Of, Course I have done everything in my power to forget through body, soul and warmed subconscious


I  have lived sex each definition followed further and further into path ..   but it is hard, Feeling forever. There is present sometime lost . where I will to follow desire,

A present of soul Where I  hid.

oh walking impertinent.

to ask

and then

what tears for an aloof mind

waiting out the length of time;  that is ….. never.


to enjoy a moment take s

eyes unsaturated by convention.


A moment is death.


Channel Five did show on that.


Media shall lead

MOTION c1 and c2 come together again in the pose of the arch . during the tom monologue


I saw a golf cart flying through the air

asking not of gravity

only ways of purchase.

I saw life crushed ,

over Heroin and hot nights, pleading to glass eyes

to further their imprisonments with a hand shake, Bought for prices , determined to waste.

brought on by illusions of mystics and rampant personal evolution, selling enlightenment one death at a time, celebrations told.

I would with eyes affixed away.

Remember heart asking only for follow though

A new years mourning

Latin fight

crack whore girl friend.

Romance abounds , not.

broken spread legged bedside manor.

Combing my hair in her eyes red haloed.


Coke , ouch kindness to uselessness,

Oh for the reverse would ask.

Champaign for everyone,




( Shaking.   Getting c1 and tom looking at her.

as c2 changes personalities into the next lines She walks over the the bottle makes sure there is something in it.. flaunting her sex knowingly)


I drink enough to kill and will steal your wallet for pills.

I stare down sex to remember family

It stops your heart deadly..

this little conversations, Let talk.

to belittle is to survive..

to laugh the cold convictions of vampirtic passions

All interest made to mirth

yours, mine

and then to corrosiveness.

I Watch them watch me

MOTION   c1 comes up and arua dances with c2 behind he supportive

when I want …

but while sorting self seen into .

Seen self,

Your attentions. Your possession of me. with  power being to demanding more…fair exchange for a house cat.


I touch you in traumatic memory, cant you see that,

Oh endless depth

I stare into

but not from you

Older stories to make absent

one from the act.


Innocence violated, are yet keys. .a

Forced conscious change,

subconscious desires equaled find respect.


oh trauma one.. imagine , the right of passage you have to enlightenment.

c1, c2, and tom

transcendence is understood

by victims.


And why I stand to know deaths woven covers.

Thank you for reading.

Force the hand to fail or rise..

as man can by

abnormal powers of belief..

so many trees

into the field