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Monthly Archives: December 2009

i am already writing on another pad, on another of the objects i keep around to lay on with words and idle being , for which makes mastery someday a lot easier, the idle meaning it is part of a whole. Thinking  and writing come across easier.

like tai chi.

but confusing to people who don’t understand writing as a life pursuit.

And maybe as just something to do.

i am at that state, the state of something to do. the oblong genuflecting into past for history and present for causality. There is so much going on.the waves are just to see, but you are not to tell them while they are, you would effect the magic.

it would be like  distracting squirrels in the park.

So i watch myself. staring out into the walls, thinking of everyone , and think  of me,, or thinking of me with the all of a birth and habits. About concerns which pop out from elements of the past like Palov who i have mentioned before.

so sitting and thinking , about the subconscious, has become an element of my life. But i can not separate it from being stoned stupid, and being alive in the moment.

oh yes i am not going to hid behind some fostering of clear headed ness,, no i cannot do that,, the politicians do not make quaulms of taking the same depression meds i have been handed. they don’t say much about how many drink,  effects “empowerment” on the average .. whos private play with “dignity” belittles  rock stars ;who don’t apoligize. (in one time ago.)

as in ,, i am not going to pretend to be ,, like Doyle or Poe. though to hear them personally i have not.. and imagine them to be quite explicit concerning privacy in the religious world they lived in.. the world of only god as high.. and called shamans fools , and still do.

Only the approved drugs.  Only the talented improvisations with genes are allowed, and now we are going the rest of the way,,

Health care so approved and Manditory.

when if you would just stop for a second and let in the light of a world education, we would be teaching mediation and taichi ,, as holistics mental and physical health.. we would be creating less strain on our health care by training people and getting them off the couch, we would not be interfering with genetic manipulation, we would be  Labeling genetically altured foods, and stopping the killing and classifying of nature.

we would accept global information and traits as knowledge and forget the voice of  Fashists, Bankers and unite in the metaphyics  of a spritual science and personal progressive growth.

so much to say , stoned is nothing new, and I am hardly able to look at the world.   the corporate policies that affect the way of our health and future of our planet. i am not able to look without seeing there is some fucked up people effecting this world so i am just being of the present day Culture.. this is culture, sanity is gone, the effects of the mess left over by every generation that didn’t promote change in society , Didn’t make New Patents priority, and  let the future to be held in the hands of the rich, who forget they have children , so packed off into private schools and Nannies.  and EVeryone is on pills.

i will smoke my smoke accordingly..

there is only two more days left of this year 11 i call it. 2009 added up.

next is three. i like threes. more direct and powerfully natural.

nature is my hope you know. just nature. like everything we have is made inside the meanings,  and for them we breath,

we know what is wrong, we know the fix is in even in the fix.

we know contractors are going to start retrofitting all homes that can afford it to go off- grid.

every rich home will have it. if i had land i would digg down.

but i would have already started that somewhere and wouldn’t be here,,

i like here, it is learning like the wings of desire portrayed, i like the view that this is the heaven, but it makes for a non materialism, and a love of the chaotic.   To much for some..

i think my right brain is controlling everything, for my left has already thought enough, the rest is action. i must attend to my homies, next year.chapter verse,

my stomach hurts a little. I t has recently, the effects of age, or this constant sitting “indain style” we called it as kids.  a constant state of wholeness i feel then, a peace in body, a high of yoga. but after many hours, and much coffee my stomach gives me a little pang a constant dull ack like a muscle going to cramp if i don’t move it.

and i have decided. nothing today, like the flow is all i am asking, today, the flow,

the other night i came up with another idea, this time ,  real life television story, hell,

Labor Ready the last real.  or something like that, it is a show that goes into temp employment areas, and pays people monehy=y to tell the truth of what happened to them,

further parts could be ,, researching their stories to see if they told the truth, or, following any of the little plots created, with full permission at the sign up.  you have to be unemployed, and you have to be truthful.

so many angles would appear, with me in charge,, lol.. like following up on criminal things, and reported abuses,, but more important is to get the micro and macro of the average joe./joeann. and to say if this was an idea what would you think of it.

Piss testes for Senators,, Day off for voting,,, public Figures live in public housing,,,  you know ideas,,, off grid housing researching,,

I am also going to do this,,

New magazine for the new decade..

Enertialcall .com is  looking for abstract literary prose Writers.

This is anyone who wants to write. all entres shall be read.. and email a response,,  I love some sort of direct action. lol. craigs list and i feel like i have done something, no i have not,, no one calls from there, and my ideas are all quick ,and if they would be money, gone.. lol..

the endlessness of that i can dream started long ago.

it has been many years in the process of self searching enough to want to lead and know where it is to go.

but insidethat dream, that mono focus, that all or  there is a ledge,, and it is huge if i forget to get up, and sometimes i do. so maybe these words are only for the flows. a postive place of caring and love, for which i have two days to figure out if i am going to continue in the process of growth,

What is growth, ,, as we ask we csst substance to the element, growth is to see what is, and move along the paths for which give greater joy, it is something we learn when all else fails i guess, for when do we call on it. I have thought about the success as being a failure.

the Job and home, , the warmth and kindness a calm  life creates for me.  for inside it felt like a betrail to some ethic of excistance i feel. wanting to create is not living in suburanity, i don’t have enough to eat, and yet, i let it happen to clairify what i want in life, i just want to create, and so i am living .. the foudation and guidance i should effect do not come because of the left and right coexistance, maybe, it is a recent thought, based again on recent information.

myabe some other thing i should have been taught earlier,

i am watching myself for it now. a sort of gazing into the funiture that yeilds after many hours. like how i made the discovery of my paranoia of society from the pains i was carring around about my step fathers hatred of what he didn’t respect.  hatred is a big word , and violence followed what he hated,, so you were to careful as a child, and having a hard time understanding freedom accordingly, aas an adult.

A writer writes. and there is the plot with an unknown inter viewer, and unknown people who arent pretty,, why would you watch,  cause people want to know they are not alone, if there was real money we could help each person we come in contact with.

I am asking of the blind to feel. , only in romance seem i to live,

So say that means i am useless,

do i always  play an off beat, out of tune, broken record.

I felt it last night, The day before the

day before Christmas.

The mix of a solar cycle and Dogma,

commercially applied. Materialism instead of giving.

But a day in well remembered.

So let us .. go with our own love and kindness.

A change of self is a change for global peace.

Yesterday,  i got caught talking about a technological spirituality,

my friends played “understanding” to the only one church go-er ,

who told me back about the love of the organization.

Organizations are power structure, and systems of prejudice and the invention of laws.

Power is great, prejudice nessicery , and law mandatory.

Disorganization is closer to the natural being,

Power, over people without agreement, is evil.

Like the statement of dogma, being God.

Prejudice is opinion based on “fact” of an inbreed pre-theory (religion)

No i am wrong Prejudice is a natural reaction created by environmental conditioning.

No support is no suppression.

and to see, we giggle madly at clouds, forming what could be instead of what will,

Dis-evolving away from simple caring, Family lost to job, love lost to loveless actions.

Redundant exclamation of peace and love and church power.

In a world with war , economic coveting, and religions as the first corporations.

The First hidden group casting their eyes skywards believing swords are for Jesus.

With crosses for handles. so much for the Christ child.

and the eight day candle seems cruelty validated.

oh help the innocent born old and in remnants of wisdom; foul joke civilization.

you organize to keep the farm. to protect the innocents from the walls of body parts surrounding.

in sufferance to a life for an after life.

sufferance because

this is heaven and can not be bought.

Oh Idle the ramblings friends say, the remarking of nothing to nothing as I am not understood for the truth is so large and the mentioning so small. for who talks of the Elephant in the room. what voice is created against the voice that controls. Such that A little room with only five voices shuns the mentioning of nature before dogma.

a reinvented wheel against an organized hysteria and blatant inactivity

Or proselytizing dogmatic subservience.

Capturing the ignorant around a natural conscious sense which treads lightly, illuminate.

It is dog days of xmas. A hole season with a backward god.

Oh try and define and you will be lost to the first reasons sophist were created.

the feeling can not be explained so we must disassociate from our feelings.

and yet

nothing is done without feeling,

so inherent feeling does matter.

and should be the guide to law.

I feel there fore i am.

it is a wholeness from there , an unorganized blatant innocence to the moment of life and death.

to the reason to create for the betterment of understanding

a planet. through a moment of personal final truth.

Pre-theorized and positive.

a simple survival

my gift to you.  of courage and willfulness.

Each has little to give to everyone else. so alone people and un-loyality. unwilling to really understand.

and there the room goes spinning and nature repeats its endless questions.

Calling forth eloquence is desperation of that ,of the sighted, to remain

blind. like a tool in hand and only prejudice stops from dis-believe

that all your life has been incomplete

if only to love enough.

oh blind tell me sighted thoughts, for closer image is to

creator. what fills the forest of your dreams instead? is

color fantasy, all style fashion-less, to the murky singularity

of shadow alleys of what we fail to see passing by so merrily.

our joint restraint and loveless fate not leaning to cataract

contracted vision so in all black ease, our trying tact.

innocence spoiled where know one is given to else.

and yet if to swoon off wings of mountains and moons

tales of valley sweet flowers, lilac and bloomed

to turn the heart at noon and see soul hours to setting

a true tune airy spoon , laying love lute, to timeless.

faith vanity on call to nature when technically bread minds allow.

People rarely are drivin.. Like they are rarely passionate about anything , except in the defense of ego. The sheer wire act we use as philosophy to get us going.   In that, we deny community, to preserve what has lead to individuality.  But the denial is the problem, the rampant Ignorance of shallow spirituality, and psychotic ideologies, in a word, that we don’t emotionalize a scientific metaphysics.

You know people often say I don’t follow through with my ideas.

One it is cause they are not mine.

They are part of a worlds cry,

and need. Like the other day,

I said ,, every town needs

Hybrid Taxies

(We publish) this .. to beleive we can do it.. everywhere accross  the globe with a unified logo.

as a Democratic community corporate service.(with share holder operatives– employee owned)  we will know whos children we are feeding, we will appreciate the service not being sold out.. our drivers will earn a living wage , with eight hour shifts.

With this model we can create more service orientated models,, Published by the Enertialcall.the new plainly speaking,,lol nice

That is why the Enertialcall.

the movement must start!

maybe the only patriots are riding bicycles.

But the Hybred taxi idea, then needs?




( Marketing angles)

Computer systems

MONEY.. for which if you look is in small resource.. but wait…. someone could petition the white house.. for funds.

Some research I have done..and needs to get done

Used Hybrids  Luxury models ……………………………………………………………………..40,000 a piece.

New  _ low end  24000 Prius(not lux)   high end( 120,000)

Electrical work ( meter and such regulations ?) (with Paint job)……need. research………. 3,000

a)       The meter ?

b)       The painter for the car(s)

Insurances , State and local Law licenses  taxi…………need research……………………………..100,000

Bellingham taxi license ,, ( for taxi to go on road).  license fee 20.00 inspection fee 35.00 (yearly)……55.00/ car

Washington state business insurance.. ………………………………………………………………………(yearly)….. 8,000/car

A)Real   Insurance of 100,00 death of one person, 300,000 for more than one , 50,000 property

State business License-go to…….(240.oo through a service)……………………???????

It is funny how many ways one can see

their own life without remembering why

they saw the light in the first place.

There was first ben Franklin to me.

Who never finish high school but found

reading from a young age.

The scribe father , pressman, and publisher,

mine missing I romanced others,

ben’s father in a second created ben.

With revolt are we so kind to think it noble.

To write , as an action, was my gun and knife,

in the country lead land of my growth.

“the Times, effecting the fish find,

and so with life breath under water.

Soaked in Flash and temporal-ness,

what matter the mind to expand, material is not intelligence, focus is the only wealth for it grows spirit.

Energy equals wave,

we are cured of material

aberrations. And notice

what is seen and not.

The difference of ghosts,

freindly and not,

the difference of the stranger

friendly or not.

The interactions with life and the actualizations of self truth.

Just a door opening.

Just a energy process used.

Acknowledged, Like Astral travel in sleep.

The hard thing is killing yourself,

for the spirit doesn’t want death

even if you don’t understand it.

You will soon enough,

growing plant

against which evil is dehydration

in all its forms.

Yet the flow of life can go away ,

and we would be left with a shell.

Which reproduces, ease for suicide.

. the greatest sin.

And the devils totality,

if that were the case,, . It is when we can not care, that we find evil.

I am scared of my darkness as I inflict myself with it.

I step away from any action to save, cause the time of change is here.

And nature is not worth denial.

It doesn’t cherish or grant mercy for just the one,,

we are all it.

And it moves and changes those who listen hear it.

for each time we deny ,

the voice gives lessons,

for to see is the steps of school.

There were so many things I wanted to do. Events to create and inspire others. They were things I wanted to do. Temporary between wanting to and doing

Is me. A sheltered stage of drugs

And metaphysics, A hidden rock, or a hiding rock.. more to the point as we can hid really, there is someone weighing you life for the cash it demands, until

You sleep in under a tree, sage until someone says they own the tree. Then you are truly only hidden by deed.

What pettiness ownership. what righteousness to self belief.

But again,

Today I have only longing, for a sunrise as it sets. To escape the game for I have broken the rules. I didn’t it out of cunning. For the broken break everything in rooms they created in order to clear the slate of a game gone wrong.

I will not suffer the inadequacies of myself for long. I will not leave the ruin to exist in my life. The childish thinking the we can control ourselves. Or is it the subconscious monkish Patriotic movement of poets, to define further what is without physical leaning, for a strong reaction to A stubbornness of environment. As spirit becomes character.

Here is yet a tale , and what it creates a tale. Like family upon the child all are to the local for which they live, the normal extras of psychological means, taken with a dose of everyday and every reaction. Every conversation and gesture. For that we come to understand controls us.

Born of the muther see,, like you,, as you cast off the body, for the mercury levels are to much to even, and consume the spirit. So you burn them, and known you want to go the same way. Make me think I am going to dinner,, and get it over quick. Wood picnic tables,, but of course I have to find a women to look at,, and to describe her would be to much,, and not as interesting.. Because I have often had trouble describing things ,, objects become that which they are not, and I look with the amazement of a guilt of loving, from the watered passion of my uncontrollable and feel able to see beyond,, as she knows there is something we’re supposed to do.. And I stoned and stationed in the roots, of time by sitting at the computer,, waiting for the cell phone, and She is and her husband is, and it is not to clairvoyant to tell, or only is , even as it is just a day, and a set of eyes addressed.

One moment is all. For the yearning, A day with light for the blind , a second of meaning for the confused, a gift of love from the divine. , a wish answered, yet it is funny for all I feel. And the reason ,, for the words are without plan, A ?wife ? Of a man,, while tending a flock of children in a brown bikini, quick and quit, I stolen a glance, like it is sin to look.   So overtaken by her frame ,, and a structure I adored, was her,, but to really see  would have been to much ,, so I didn’t portray what I felt.  Atleast I had hoped.  For then,  I was confused.

The setting sun of a humid day. A Wife-mother-daughter attracted,, as I pushed the cannon into the still water.  the keel grating the stones, warm water on my cheaply sandaled feet. Hard plastic making marks which turned to sores later.

I was quiet to the effect.  Seeing her grow smaller, out of  distance.  Turned to reveal the world rising into a mist of humid passions.  Mosquitoes danced on the late day haze. And here and there a weakening fill of orange to black, of green to black, to finally blackness with lights, distant but ever there.

And she just drove in… .. And so,, it is the same time at night , and the river will be the same when I will go there,, she is a dream of no one,, her brown hair in a ponytail, her husband walking around the car,, her stopin and looking away so I can look like Proust in the forest,  a misread vision of the lonely .or the unfulfilled.  Feeling each others sight across the room.

But her form is  my wanted sculpture,, my high and touch the angels hear.  My desire is only equaled to the day and escape of nature  in the pure and “temptless”.   for it would be a moment for two. As one can not. A giving of totality, , I watch her,, when I can ,, thinking about her form, seeing it outlined in a loose shirt which does not hid, what is just hers.

And I type so many  moments, where love is just there.  There with another, there without me,, for the faith I feel.

I am not sure,, it is almost a madness to feel at all, I just like to live each second for the humanity,, but I am un-pure,, ??,Even as I am the fountain of youth.. And guard the entrance with purpose and ability. .. To know the moment because length and breath are to long and can be beaten, burned, and given back to energy, like a poet who hangs on a sudden breeze.

The following was sent to me and many people in the world. I also feel respocible to act on this matter so here is the action I also wish considered before reading this. Afganistan has been in one kind of war or another for many years. google the history to find out. but it has also been used with little say because it really doesn’t have a standing government for the people. That is why we are there. it is sad that we have to create governments. that the last free roaming spaces of the globe have to be controlled in order that the militants there and in Pakistan will be reigned in. but lets face it , someone made the European pipeline go though that country, but never really made sure they could protect it.  maybe we are approaching an age of global police, inventing wars where there isn’t any in the battle for hope? control? funny how Americans always die in foreign wars, while Corporations live and steal money everywhere. Obama is just a man, one man and the American government is run by back rooms and generals.  he is bound by corporate control , to change the system from the inside.  Private enterprise is ruling the world. and one of those enterprises are insurance, the European community needs insurance for its pipelines. The question of war starts with the ideals of the people we want peace and in that we need stability. no stability no government we sponsored the Taliban long before Obama, we let Afghanistan create a heroin crops.  No pipeline and we wouldn’t be there , for there would be nothing to protect. we could just bomb everywhere.. but isn’t it more Why are the Militants there. what are there issues.. and why cant we bring them to some table. Cause Capitol ism demands free dominance over the peoples concerns. Look what they have done in our “Free Market” destroying peoples lives with food additives, Creating further choas because of the greed based Educational system.  the war and the “media” that supports it are the distractions. while it is opinion that gets what it wants, the Corporate Peace is not working.. they have no values.

while we give our blood. But that is the distraction, as we fight the war we create disillusion with the government, we are more controlled and forget about the food supply being genetically patented, we forget about the defrauding of the government through private security agencies, and bankers. We forget that our government for and by the one percent has created a land of poverty and isolation.

but in the name of my father and uncle who died in Vietnam,, i agree with the letter.

For more information please visit

President Barack Obama
The White House Washington , D.C.

November 30, 2009

Dear President Obama,

With millions of U.S. people feeling the fear and desperation of no longer having a home; with millions feeling the terror and loss of dignity that comes with unemployment; with millions of our children slipping further into poverty and hunger, your decision to deploy thousands more troops and throw hundreds of billions more dollars into prolonging the profoundly tragic war in Afghanistan strikes us as utter folly. We believe this decision represents a war against ordinary people, both here in the United States and in Afghanistan . The war in Afghanistan , if continued, will result in the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of U.S. troops, and untold thousands of Afghans.

Polls indicate that a majority of those who labored with so much hope to elect you as president now fear that you will make a wrong decision –a tragic decision that will destroy their dreams for America . More tragic is the price of your decision. It will be paid with the blood, suffering and broken hearts of our young troops, their loved ones and an even greater number of Afghan men, women and children.

The U.S. military claims that this war must be fought to protect U.S. national security, but we believe it is being waged to expand U.S. empire in the interests of oil and pipeline companies.

Your decision to escalate U.S. troops and continue the occupation will cause other people in other lands to despise the U.S. as a menacing military power that violates international law. Keep in mind that to most of the peoples of the world, widening the war in Afghanistan will look exactly like what it is: the world’s richest nation making war on one of the world’s very poorest.

The war must be ended now. Humanitarian aid programs should address the deep poverty that has always been a part of the life of Afghan people.

We will keep opposing this war in every nonviolent way possible. We will urge elected representatives to cut all funding for war. Some of us will be led to withhold our taxes, practice civil resistance, and promote slowdowns and strikes at schools and workplaces.

In short, President Obama, we will do everything in our power, as nonviolent peace activists, to build the kind of massive movement –which today represents the sentiments of a majority of the American people–that will play a key role in ending U.S. war in Afghanistan . Such would be the folly of a decision to escalate troop deployment and such is the depth of our opposition to the death and suffering it would cause.


Jerry Gordon – National Assembly To End Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and Occupation
Kathy Kelly – Voices for Creative Nonviolence

Mark Johnson – Fellowship of Reconciliation
Max Obuszewski – Director Baltimore Nonviolence Center

Mike Ferner, President Veterans For Peace

Deborah Forter – Military Families Speak Out

Elaine Brower, World Can’t Wait

Malachy Kilbride, National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance
Cole Harrison – United for Peace and Justice

Matthew Daloisio, War Resisters League

Brian Becker – A.N.S.W.E.R

Deborah Sweet – World Can’t Wait

Kevin Martin – Peace Action
Kevin Zeese – Voters for Peace

Larry Holmes – Troops Out Now Coalition
Pat Elder – Peace Action Montgomery

Pete Perry – National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance

Michael McPhearson – Veterans For Peace, United for Peace and Justice

Adele Kubein – Military Families Speak Out
Sara Flounders – International Action Center

Jose Vasquez – Iraq Veterans Against the War

Jeff Mackler – National Assembly to End the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and Occupations
Joy First – National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance

Medea Benjamin – Code Pink

Siri Margerin – United for Peace and Justice

David Swanson, After Downing Street
Johnny Zokovitch – Pax Christi

Marilyn Levin – National Assembly to End the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and Occupations
Corey Ansel – A.N.S.W.E.R.

Leslie Kielson – United for Peace and Justice

Nancy Tsou, Coordinator Rockland Coalition for Peace and Justice