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Monthly Archives: January 2010

the gathering of forced entities to peace in our time. I am a ghost there. Now. A remembrance people mourn for. Lost on the sea of his own creativity, he flounders like he can not swim, and every time you look over he is still floundering,, still batting his arms wildly. And never in a million years can you look over , that he is not still….floundering.

For what of ego to say he can swim,

the expance never rated in his time,

the time never rated to it’s self,

or we would have no control.

Funny that, Markets weighing against markets, And a market can be denied.

Can be only the will and peace of community,

and as long as community is bound

in  schoras they are not free to choose.

We buy to make ourselves at peace,

but material only fades inner cycles,

and deters thoughts and emotions .

We naturally need. Pain is eased but never forgotten,

But awash in commercialism, we are easily moved

to not look any but ourselves.

what bubbles we create.

Illusions of merriment and telepathic euphoria.

We are controlled by sight

, self sight creates an outer

world we see.

It is like the mirror extends as far as your eyes,

and the more you see of yourself,

the further you will see into

the universe of the possible.

Each smallness we identify in being

can describe to others a world of hope

we create in the minds of culture and imagination

empowerment,is the definition of true love.

I have been telling a moment of time for many years,

and have realized over and over this moment

, and be it alive in the giving is the hope of the all.

So let us start somewhere, let us look into the mind,

that space of so many actions and reaction,

into the past as a creation ground,

as a place of civilization from the spiritual whole

. From birth till the present, represents Time ..

what if there was no such thing as time,,

Time is a creation of civilization.

Civilization is only good if it increase the chance for survival.

To Create time, Gives Timing, and weighs hours of slavery.

To occupy a moment

Death has no time ,

so is natural.

No time is natural.

When am I to change. ?

This self absorbed man who is always facing the like and dislike of society, I dislike a lot of society, and I am not sure what to do. Is it just smoking to much.

The announce birth of tide to know you are alone in a world is to have the freedom to not be over coated with tides and opinion when the rulers have swords and ancient is their birth.

Walking what one has to say is like, disavowing all others, to a certain point, for when matrix cross there is only the way. A passionate drive for which can not explain its self. The will to move, maybe it is only the rocks rolling behind that inspire,  Running with the bulls. Espouses no one’s hand,

And I think myself clever, the ruinous might of a strangler, his passion to find what he has never sought fully, and only to look is the burden, to feel the timeless ages of blood imagined around a concept of energy facing the civility of systems, ponderous.

Oh what metaphysics does to governments.

And cause you ask? The loneliness is demanded, for no one is to be brought down who is not wiling to stand up.  The waking thin memory of natures demands,, our fallacies inbred into all capacities, taught and religion-ed, the truth , is straight in ones face and yet to mention is a bar joke, spiritualism is the only caring element to philosophy, the feeling to be.. Freedom is to live Nothingness.

And in that there are demands and spoken relevance,

There are shcorazs and phases of development in the

Whole tree hole.

A tree hole

And the mad man shrieks cause there is no loud speaker relevant.

There is no voice in the wilderness

It is all screams in a mirror.

We can enhance another’s life with a moment of words,

A shine in the trees, a skittering of birds.

And hope goes on.

Alone the inspiration comes, the pain it worth in a million eyes if only for its exposure, and tendencies,  i can not write not write if it effects how another thinks of me, it is Art.

And left for that all is the state meant.

And for that knowledge we give live, and stretch the day into words a million trillion just to say anything at all. The endless movement of the muse, to make martyr, and mark only one.

For who else to give what can only be achieved , that makes a sufferance of the kinds of forces we inhabit in ourselves.

And to be a man , becomes a theme for a second, and to live off the land a mark of the well organized.

SO ANOTHER DAY, THE REST OF LIFE IS JUST THAT. But you know it is funny to see clearly, and yet do nothing like when I came to this town and saw  nothing, unemployment and boring ugly faces. The youths all penned down like good little college students. The streets petty and mean as they quickly descend into hard drugs and big thugs. But I was approached by someone saying they loved me.. but there was something distracting and weird about them it was a certain uncommitted overtone and a demand of my accepting them. I didn’t and always keep a certain part aloof. Which doesn’t help in a world where you don’t know anyone. But you have to have standards. Mine are concerned with my safety, and I don’t get involved with people who are demanding and controlling. I also don’t like users. People that like to have me around just so they can believe in themselves more. Or take my energy by their supporting love.

So here we are one year later. And the dice have been cast and  I am alone again. But more focused cause of it.  The Clever and cunning people will all fall away. The pretentious and predictable that say love love love will all fall away, until it is again just me. I know there is a peace in Just me. There is an effect I have cause of my over commitment to being part of something, I invent it.I invent the unity. But it will always break away without a profit margin cause society is surrounded by lies. In action and attention. You can always tell cause their cats are lonely.

People are normally self serving. Abuse victims are not self serving enough.  But in my process of trying to understand my life. I am left alone with the feeling I am not doing something right.

I haven’t been sleeping again. I have no one I love, it is evil not to love. Am I evil. Or is it that my personal  life is filled with so many quasi ambitions that I don’t know which way to go.  Don’t really know what it means to love, cause I have never really been shown love, just petty attention I get through my art and music. Am I denying love? The other day , a once loved person told me to be a man and step up to the plate,  and I never have been able to do that with the dotted t’s and so I am unprofessional. And not an artist, cause they always care what people think, they are so deluged by it that the market makes jokes of them as they buy Cat painting and make Warhal god.  And that person will fall away.

I think about the people who don’t like me and remember there is no real love without another’s pretension to be loving. They think they are helping and get all giddy from doing it. But teaching a man to fish is always better that give him one. We don’t share what is important enough and that is our unity to a betterment to all. Not just your little family grouping. But I have always been thrown out of family groupings. I know it is me. I smoke to much and get morosely depressed, I am paranoid of everything, and see peoples worst before I see the things I like about them, but no matter what I do no one accepts me except people who leave me alone.  Loving is such a part of life. But when you know no one really cares but just pretend they do. Every society is trauma.

have you become part of the crowd your voice so lite and air filled there is nothing to separate you from the rest of your perspectives.  We talk about what we like and don’t ,, the interest is how long it takes to see that, I don’t have a problem like that , i am use to being alone, it is when i make the mistake of thinking people are like me that i have problems, I don’t want people like me around, I don’t have people like me around, Or i don’t see them, for all the un-powerful moments their clarity makes for them, these living specimens of human decay.   Americanism so filled with the wastes of time we envision as life so as not to see.  But then i am not to listen to , i am away, the endless remains of what was life.  I do not get off just loving my fellow man.  Because the majority is lip service.  the” say one thing and think another”, the pain is when you find out.. like the first time, When you realized part of life was learning to lie to the government like if you want to go to a forgrin country and think you are free to do so. and you tell them what they need to hear,, and if you forge56 and tell them some idle story that has you homeless in Liverpool well they just don’t take to lightly on that.

and each second after. it is to say what you mean but don’t get controling about how another lives.  Don’t pin life to a wall. and Direct it’s motions. the Elements of freedom, are personal but it is to fill in the joys you know in your heart.

And so a new year, i guess the last has been a time i knew i was going to have to forget, a time where i am stripped of all the pain and guilt a world makes, when it proceeds in avarise instead of love. and love without controlling, love without guilt and without mandatory verdics composed of right and wrong, it should all be wrighting.  love should be appreciation , and people don’t appreciate.  they hate what is independent. Society and its next mistakes.

but then I say things just to piss people off , just to see the bounds of ignorance, just to see if there is enough to make them mad. and that is en0ugh for me to know.. the long road is innocent. and it joins with a unite of spirit, and silliness.

my brothers birthday

this is by VAchel Lindsay
(Springfield, Illinois,)
It is portentous, and a thing of state
That here at midnight, in our little town
A mourning figure walks, and will not rest,
Near the old court-house pacing up and down,

or by his homestead, or in shadowed yards
He lingers where his children used to play,
Or through the market, on the well-worn stones
He stalks until the dawn-stars burn away.

A bronzed, lank man! His suit of ancient black,
A famous high top-hat and plain worn shawl
Make him the quaint great figure that men love,
The prairie-lawyer, master of us all.

He cannot sleep upon his hillside now.
He is among us:-as in times before!
And we who toss and lie awake for long,
Breathe deep and start, to see him pass the door.

His head is bowed. He thinks for men and kings.
Yea, when the sick world cries, how can he sleep?
Too many peasants fight, they know not why;
Too many homesteads in black terror weep.

The sins of all the war-lords burn his heart.
He sees the dreadnoughts scouring every main.
He carries on his shawl-wrapped shoulders now
The bitterness, the folly and the pain.

He cannot rest until a spirit-dawn
Shall come;-the shining hope of Europe free;
A league of sober folk, the workers’ earth,
Bringing long peace to Cornland, Alp and Sea.

I breaks his heart that kings must murder still,
That all his hours of travail here for men
Seem yet in Vain. And who will bring white peace
That he may sleep upon his hill again?

Abraham Lincoln walks at midnight

by Vachel Lindsay
my brother’s birth by kaambrose

It is funny that we see another day. when the words of need come to pass and yet are they forever heard. our living world is still. the next president is, to this day, joined.
Tomorrow, comes a day in our history.and yet what is today.. for eve is eve .. and yet how many black men have been president in white dominated lands. It seem to me very few. Australia?
are Arabs black?
when do we draw lines of color?
I look at the work that has come before. and wonder why we drew a line around so basic a promise, and say that is justice. when it is only a common sense protected by law. who creates laws for the spiritually scientific and responsibility of government.
The justice is never done .. cause justice would mean we train, and create an equality of life. Where the government would set up laws to insure its people of progress.. Free health care to the poor. Free schooling for the poor. And a land that is environmental-ly viable. When the business entities don’t reach for truth , as in creating cars that run on less gas. the government should create such enterprise as a matter of National security. Our progressive first worldliness should lead. We should not have another government which merely looks to cap government involvement, but leads for the progression of the people from the lowest on out.
but i know there are many word before these and yet. The dream of martin Luther king.. was it done? Did they kill him cause he could of Ran for president and in that created a time of unity ,, and why did we let corporations get so big that they control the government? Separations of church and state. separations of corporations and state.
We are coming to the next light within a tunnel that has been moving further and further into the worst dream.
history will recall the bush years as the biggest corporate control since Ronald Reagan. it is so Bad the Major corporate entity connected to the Bush administration has left the US.for (pronounced) Du-buy,, And our private economy is divided into a global sufferance. cause corporations can go beyond our American borders. and leave our shore undefended, our infrastructure weak. cause of the loss of taxes, we are being created to be a society that doesn’t make its own so it doesn’t have. where is our marketing ability against a communist world. that doesn’t have first world protections. that doesn’t give free speech , or any chaos like that.
We are coming into the world of off the grid..
we are coming into a world of self teaching. and self creation. we have left the family unit for the confusion of it. or the controlling element of it.
oh when you have generations and generations of private family matters. you run from it. from the abuse. sexual and physical. from the prejudice and unworldliness. from the “this is the way it is ..” and the personal saviors of the family as long as you bow to it.
no We now are a world left alone to find the known of our selves. Government should represent that. should help with the choices by making them for the people..
it i time to train those who have looked for answers instead of holding up a system that only repeats what they are told. We need innovations and that will only come from those that feel them. that needed.. and know hunger.. our world was created to succeed, to generate the answers through its governing light.
we should elect such. and make it first priority. to have a heart. of common mutual enlightenment. a land without color for a spirit is clear. without hatred , for history counts little for the moment. a moment we can change and in that control history. for we have brought truth to the table.
the American world should have its own teacher,, free internet schooling for all.
it wouldn’t be hard.. we would create a free school system, for we need education for all. the internet is our place.. we would support it with search engines..we would support it with help.. but it would be free and organized. and advertised.. and accredited.
it would equalize the playing field of all.
For democratic rule is only as good as it’s one vote……
tell that to the man..
it is the first step..
but we could not stop there. we would and will have to make health care free for all under the poverty mark. and we would put a halt to business cause of that, a halt.. because they say it is the price of creating a business that is the leap.. if taxes don’t include the ability to save.. ,
we don’t need to raise taxes to do such,
the expenditures would at first be large,, but then would levels out ,, we make agreements with a system already in place.. for free health care.
the internet college level accredited program would have its own gov.. and the whole system would be managed by the government.
create for only one humanitarian view,, to enlighten its people.
though a totally open educational system.
off course leaving the price of computers off the table.
but we come around to that also..
for in a matter of moments .. all old computers could be re fashioned,, smaller software.. or a whole operational system would be created to run the ‘’’FREE school System””
It is a day of creation.
for people that fall in the woods
are heard.
the meaning is that we are part of an all.
thank you for reading.

Pie night Is also for you dear reader. Just get some people in a room , and Practice community,
internet be damned.
As we gather things change
, I .who am paranoid of large crowds
without the safety of “dynamic character”.
see that change in me, as i give to personal living.
though i sit at home and moon over how no one wants me to be there, for an hour before i am to go. and the argument inside which creates body movement (for the more separate but equal fighters of left and right brain) is just to create the change in myself. For i have been here many times before, and have always done the opposite.. I went away into the pride and punishment of art the living, No time for ease as you feel guilty to the projects yet undone, and they are a million strong at this point, and not, for each with time with get their airing,, but not since the Boy Scout kick me out, had i know a grouping outside of work. I like to work.
the years go for people who
devote themselves to anything,
the friends and groups come and go,
and you know why,
You are a wet blanket
Even your prose has a mournful wit
Your the one who says what
gloom and doom the world is ,
quite effectively,
yet society is not the global forecast,
or we would be masquerading constantly without audience,
Society (by the numbers) was actually created by peasant and serf’s, Slaves of all races,, we talked with the strength of our blood , for it wasn’t others that committed our actions. We played music cause we alone felt the magic, they study to make real.. science is only after what is nature, before manipulations.
In them we have created , unions in times of bad governments, communes,to feel the effects of long term devotions of clean air and water in this privatized world.
Many are doing it Now.. “funny that”
Change is what we are researching, change and growth identified thought emotional physical and spiritual interaction.
defined by eating pie, the symbol and all.

and there was the matter of knowledge

how it changes us, it shouldn’t,

we should be balanced.

what striving hearts try

and remain innocent,

what trouble to hold

the glasses on.

and there forgive the strength to see.

“ no you can not turn this down except on your system, the price of entry is this statement,

Spirit is a technological human sense, god Equal energy,,

for you hearing it fulfills the mission of the Enertialcall

Thank you for listening

we proceed accordingly.

Clarifying a thousand years of faith, into a defined sense, encompassing sensing ; ghosts, divine intervention, mediation, dream traveling. And From that angle will publish , To join you are making the statement,, we believe in Natural.   Basically if you are part of this society, with membership, you say there is a simple peace , it is nature, and we know there is a global political future in the Natural response. Democracy is the only Government that can Change by the Will of it’s people..human nature is the one event we personally feel.   And the Enertialcall society is an Democratic Collective.

we , love our planet as it is love breathing,

we take care of the things we love, and we insure the progression of society first , not the regression of violence, All sides can talk civilly,,

But The Enertialcall is Not for Corporate controls of LIFE GIVING PATents, (the electric engine,  a battery that goes three hundred miles per charge, from the seventies, vegable engines , unsupported solar, wind, ,, is not into only proceeding when the big five line up behind it)

We at the Enertialcall will use journalizm , as it suits us, but keeping with the Abrstract Fiction formate, we will be vague and un-naming, we will and are an ART CoLLective. Enspousing The REAL AGE of Humanity, as we see fits Naturally. Under standing the concept, “WE UNITE IN THE MIND”

Don’t let me scare you from joining,, The society is a complex piece of experimentation as the same time, an experiment in a complete democracy of debate and a publishing in a Media Collective, A Membership is to belong to a think Tank, which we will then turn into Media, also.. as we see fit..

a common salon with usage