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Monthly Archives: March 2010

oh past me true
this trial of belief
verses truth.
this madness
and karma-ical
version time governs. Spaces allows I refuse intent. the matter of situational,
illusion-al misrepresentations
Our divine perception’s adjustments
So what to move and want , the moving to matter. like a sentence could finds it’s way to your merriment. so controlled an utterance to relieve the pains mis-gotten.
Maybe i have left. maybe I have given up what first right would say “reason rules in”.
Convexly to understand the feelings involved.
Petty and Cunning the scripted paid voices. hiding behind murder mysteries to say to want to murder. and we pay to think of it. With horror with lust, our suppression so much.
another land only answers for it.
a part of the tone
we wish to avoid.
A second life is the answer where the first has failed to deliver. our heart aligned with feelings and so torn from the old world of human emotions. we can not build , so do not feel the building, the raw energy from thought to doing. no. out side of here. it is ability matched to subjective controls
to economics and societal structures.
the knowledge we learn, from the doing advances us .. and a why of the experiential.
I ,personally, can not say i am trying to make sense. the trails of telling a feeling are enough to communicate awareness . awareness is the stepping tone to advance consciousness but it takes a continually clean slate.
Such again i am living. Material sparse-d where only a proven line defines caring , a lived heart is aware and daily looks for the sun, it is only an answer from the freedom of breathing.
and what shortens the tides of happiness comes to be questioned. If it makes me cry i can not live by it.
if it takes up and destroys what breathing provides. i can not suffer for it. and will not. but only Paupers can live the hope of heart.

It is another day , as a million come and go. As a one sits. The Mosaic of human laughter
In this life span, a voice rings either true, untrue, or lost in its own submission. Truth, and untrue, have to be based against accepted definitions. for which only Awareness can prove or disapprove on a metaphysical /emotional/physical, namely a personal translation but only if we let it.
Awareness should be a written into the meaning of liberty. Peace should be written in the the bill of Rights. And a technical understanding for use of all knowledge as our basis for REASONed Decisions.
NOT Market ADVICE. The market follows the will of the people not the other way around. It is false if it is. That is a false market which falls, to bankers whims, and profiteers (Hariburton-ized Escapades)
Oh shit what does that hasve to do with real awareness.
I don’t know he was never charged, we have been defrauded of our future, though credit rates….
Wake the fuck up..l. the giant will not give away our futures with such submission.
Don’t you realize , how big that debt is so bad your public schools will be come, your common environment with unemployed and homeless, with a gated community and security everywhere to protect the thieves,, and as I get all hot and bothered by my own one percent, I look again, and our system has been , is , the play things of European concerns.
While we were the blood splattered white hat…
A blog is a blog.
Someone said the other day , I was Anti amercian. I am not , I have served, and all males in my family have served. But more importantly , served and died over Cambodia. I am from someone that doesn’t know me; cause of a war. But I have never mentioned that point for me, I needed to.
A democracy is only as good as the average. For the everyone ,, the one hundred percent should vote ,, we are real.
We should make some demands. Back,, you want to change system ,, FREE EDUCATION FOR EVERYONE. The rest we will figure out for ourselves.
But what do you want from me ,, this is all intelligent , all social, Radio.
And another in the long line of ENertialcalCALLLLLLL

hello I feel ghost, and want to more and more. I think, vibariton saves effect us and that’s why we like or hate music, I thing vibrational waves from the gravity of other planets affect our physical spirits, and why we have astrology,, hell.. the more you think the more you can, and there is a fration of what we really want to say going on and getting into the common thoughts and stafndardss of what should be, and what should be is our yet to define..

Does anyone hear the change, does any one observe the trial attitude , the exploring, the forgetting.

What doors open and close our opinion in tact, our egos observed and cast adrift the remorse of the cold dark sinner.  Knowing only tone to lend and never will engrossed.  How many times over and over, my vulgarity to recite from the hip what I like and not of the people around me, such that a survey of the scene yields few.  Having each been driven off for their visions of love never received so never clarified.

I will say anything for the react of it.

I will bow to the king though dressed in his kind. Surrounded by his kind always feeling the known among them, and yet if you don’t know.. at one time, you were killed, in front of the king.

Do you accept Love is driven thought all basic concepts of living..

Does our world equal that ideal?  And why not?

Is it cause love has become possession? Or agreement?  Never embodiment. Accept for the certain few acknowledged by religions and political agendas. Are we alone in our hearts , or have the worlds of experience all but removed our thoughts of the innocent, have deterred us form finding the voice which sacrifice the personal for the communal. It doesn’t really matter much what you think of me, it only matters the schorakas inspired  by your training touch.

I am one of largest fools, sometime, I know as I walk around friends tell women there tits are to large, telling people they are egotists. As I hear the flamboyant, and feel a lie. I am the one that will laugh and say no way, and argue over weather what they said was wrong or right, but I am never really angry, and leave when I am.

I notice people who really love me, shun away from me slowly, as I become the asswhole  who can not stand beyond his own dialogue, even though he is just manice-d by weed , like a drinker his slur, the cancer of abject opinions that isn’t having a good time unless something is on the line, as in this moment matters some how. How can I grow from this? What do I need to say to find resolution.



And yet I want to know about me, I want to look inside my being , but can not stand the sight, can not stand that I have again started the process to giving up. I have created this world around me that I accept doesn’t like me again. And I promote that , cause why.. I am only releasing what was said to me,

As all elements say the creation of my own grave is making me cry and the mass knows not its killing for the innocent who have been left behind ;always will. For they never had the world of love and trust to equal a boundary, or acceptance.

And the subclasses exist, walking with the mighty air of escapes, I am going down again. I am watching my self.  It is part of the sin of me, and I am tired of me telling me to change,  it is to be alive for the moment of degraded words like all I have written since I started, the endless hours of grazing into the explanation while the fostering ego keep control of a world I saw no future in.  I am constantly running and that is life. Escape and hid for the living was always to much to many people to many heart ackes in eyes and standards. To many explanations to a room filled with the common sense of media’s education, and drug accepted “Good Mental Health” against the criminality of war and the slavery of market.

Be nice in your rooms of fire, Find your own ways through children of the corn ,

And I am sad when I leave for I feel like I had to be me.

You are either with me or against me. There is no middle road.

And you don’t want to say that, but then if Einstein waited to be appreciated, I am not Einstein, . the endless loop I have heard called my association . lately,

It is funny though, I have not had a permanent  social structure for years.  I respected most of my friends.

Or am I lieing?  Or did I forget about people when anna left , or else, was it then, or was it when I couldn’t love my family enough to have them hear me, and so I  went to the stage, went to the only place where one could be heard, and screamed hear me. And yet couldn’t be hear. Ever for the part or the roll.  Created limits.

And then you move each step a head, I drove taxi and sat lonely for many months, all pilled into themselves. After living in the Moving trucks, after living on Porches for a summer, after loosing so many apartments like I am about to again, If I can not understand a standard of living for myself.