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Monthly Archives: April 2010

hello people. thank you for reading. I have again thrown myself to the wolves. the car is now my home. the car. it is funny though, cause i have only really just dealt with the financial situation i live in. right now. I am you. out of work, doing what ever i can to secure some kind of money, living. truth.
My heart stems it’s from trying. and i think i am going to do something i have never really thought of without these pushes.. I am going to spend my college money. to learn flash I think. i like flash, and even if it is not writing , a lot of writing goes into any endeavor. the Enertialcall will go on this way and we will continue to advance again the market. for which i envision as going the route of a full scale magazine. through the internet. with flash i can create it and find some extra work to support it. it is a thought, and for that only reason and feeling complete it. like when i noticed i was not taking care of myself. last week. first we get a thought. then we remember that thought and look and see how it has been in our lives. until it reveals and is strengthened by feelings. i know i must have freedom , and will not be able to be a lower slave doing construction though i would if i could get i somewhere, but there are to many people who know construction. it is simple work once you know how, and easy to teach which is the draw back. Construction companies look for the smart learner,, and not the real experienced. they already have to many of them.. lol.. so it is up to me and you to start our own jobs. we create the future through our endeavors. and no matter the “suffering ” i am going through now. I am free to create and believe in myself without a job classifying me.
It is day four in the car. or five. no it is five. I have gas, and electric in the car. I will gt a phone next month, and do what i have been Looking to learn and create the next future. right now i am out side of a restruant looking for a breakfast cook. yes it is a job. the money will help us, but we will see if we get the job. lol
so stay tuned we will be broadcasting soon again. in fact, maybe later today,, but JamminNtely, Kada singh, will be singing,, lol.. I played the streets Sunday with an acoustic guitar. I know alot of you have heard the music. and should watch it anytime you want at if you are connected to second life. you can hear me on Saturday. and if you want to help me out buy a cd. and i will send you a picture to ,, lol yea you can find that off the site.

Hours of devotion. And maintance, sitting waiting for the next call. The next being inside awakening.

And next is the speaking. For if a voice is there then to it it shall speak.
Like seth of the native wheel and time interposed against Reality. Of ART and ambiguous, as I have felt from the accepted tones. That travels well with cash,
So load stone difference my unpaid script.
And would some day to balance, if I could care enough to spell.
‘but it gives me mirth , my only land of private Idaho. To re read and tempt my self to care. About them to you. You who would , buy, and there I am standing against a land of schedules. A land of occupation while I can not be paid to care about my natures simplicity, I am disingenuous about all things accordingly, my system such to fuss..