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Monthly Archives: June 2010

So close to the heat is our minds we swell with delight , our escape-ism complete enough? i guess it is a question self imposed , for it seems the equality of the days. Escaping BP and justifiable lying..; from his boat named “bob”.(see sub-genius) . or is it the rumors i hear but little coverage i hear, of financial reform.. lol.. i would tell you, if this was a psyco movie i would say ,, ” Don’t go out there” but its not.. the plot is being done by people who think they are creative.

It is to easy to put together. Financial reform happens, the first step, as i tuned in just after the second Vote, leads to one white van in new york on nobody who never amounted to many stories after but controlled the papers for three days, then “the Spew”.. ( the Missed Procedures and the outrage) ,, and what,, they are still in the middle of the Financial reform Bill which is working its self into a watery Law to guide the misguided,, lol.. like two wars, in our first line knowledge. lol.. and the oil spills,, everywhere, we never really got a hang of the recycling thing, and now you complain.. do you realize you are polluting more than PB if you are aren’t recycling. so we have that,,
but still i am locked into a two year contract with the cable company and phone company,, and now Bank of America can see i have money and put it into my account,, instead of waiting till Monday evening when all my debits from the weekend have already bounced. (true story right at the tune of thirty five dollars a piece , yea no bank account here i have been barred) lol..
hell.. i was wondering what was going on during the OJ trial with a commercial announcement of Oklahoma,, and Coke was taking OK soda off the shelves..
you know, follow that.
Like a shooter with six good shot in less than a minute.
on a moving target. lol..
it is humorous what lies are intended,, “cause you cant handle the truth”. (lenny Bruce??). but even then why bother. when the truths are still unaccepted. so in the road of being we have come to a time when truth is a matter of how many agree with you? .. oh thats not it either is it? we don’t have dialogue without argument. reason has failed mankind for he has removed what he feels without sides, somehow they think we are going to always like the spetical of a disagreement, that is what lets them control , it is our agreement that the controllers are afraid of, if they are afraid of anything, cause we are just energy floating in water anyway. lol

accordingly , i have been making the magazine again, i say that here, as i said i would release for the fourth , and i mean to still. but i am not going to print , so you would have to buy it online, but ,, i plan to write and take what is left to do from the last years journals. , i want to encorporate the feature artist in, and i feel the layers of time are the reality of the words, her work is layers, and about the “put on” and the “over shadowed”. I am writing on the layers of life. to get a complete view. I have left trying to be another publication. i don’t care if it is right or wrong, nothing is right or wrong. it is just the way things. happen, Right?
so the movement of an art is to represent the culture, and we need our stories told to.. the artist the adventure of being, i will make a different blog for the publisher of the enertialcall. as soon as staff shows up for work. Until then …. thank you for drinking. A lot of people depend on you and thank you for smoking , and thank you for killing , guns make me happy, thank you for the abusiveness of historic men and women , thank you for teaching me my size and place in the world for why else should i make these wax wings?
Dennis hopper died. Read about it, and MJ, in the Next enertialcall…..

i am tired big day, the workings of commerce, I watch a yard sale.
with a guitar. and paintings everywhere.

What up Bellingham..Enertialcall is looking for submissions, for Writers. Anyone knowing anyone, that would like to be published in a Advant-gaurd Literary Art movement called the Enertialcall. check guidelines, Three pages 9pt new roman. “Bleed for the need” To Read the Enertialcall now. go to
send all submissions to “Bob was a ghost”

No really, We are creating a magazine again, of course it is to get to the website, but it is also to change and grow as an entity, the website is created around all my art right now. But that is cause I make it, but want the larger community for each of us fulfill the mosaic of silence and that is going to change. At least for the writers who choose to act.
Read couple of peaces and feel like it would matter, for a second. That your story is the last story to tell. The importance of a left over disk someone captures from the wreckage of humanity. A smiles with the treat we show from these daze we face, from the gulf to the kill of Jf .
we has been pushed, and the only reasonable event we can reform is to publish, to make hast to the first importance; our hearts and peace we seek for our children which is what we will for ourselves.
With Abstractions we are told and telling, we are whole with the miscommunication of our time, and the studder step of innocence which chooses to believe but First is a feeling then a knowledge. Calm existence depends a definition of civility. and stability. But inside the lines is all written, We Effect the movement of fifty years later. We have to believe that, we do not write for money, what inspiration the cash has made, is only the fleeting glimpse of the lives given. the patients and determination of a occupied writer/artist/Progressionist can only be measure through publishing. We have to speak. I feel.
The Name Enertial is a pun over a poem, Eternal inertia , Energy and the observances of it. The Literature is to expand others. We reach into the micro for the macro. That is writing, that is the Enertialcall.
Submissions Like I have said are to be three pages 9 pt new roman, there are also staff positions open. Please call 360-961-0851 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              360-961-0851      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              360-961-0851      end_of_the_skype_highlighting ask for Editorial. Lol.