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Monthly Archives: July 2010

The tales of love and lost seem so small now a days. Balanced against all that is. All that isn’t we come to a broader understanding of what we have? like hunger makes us appreciate food more. I was in love with my space, my office . away from the world for a second to imagine and create, then the truth set in , Where once was a perfect reality then came the sight of what that reality is . the thoughts of Now who is around that reality , how much of that reality have we not considered in order to feel at ease, or was it just blindness for which rallied sight enough to get us to the reaction of peace.
Loving a space is very unrewarding. a place where someone else controls the truth. and you really can do nothing about it. I have watch this which i love turn into . well nothing more than what it was. Ones hopes turn a situation into more. ones dreams. but they can only last for a moment without full sight.
I am moving again. the office is turning into a house , the house also needs work, and besides the dream this next step has more involved but it is not here. it is not a office space, no i am not alone world all my own. do i care. my next situation asks for cohabiting with another of gods children. a Writer type with needs like mine, he plays music loud, that is the only thing i can see. how forceful he is with his music.. how much he really writes. why is there no food in the fridge. why is the beer cans so amassed that i can not see the ground, how long will i be able to stand the font yeard and back yard looking to be loved.. without loving.
a cat, i will get a cat , for the first tiem. to drive away the rats. a cat.
i will , i will , i will.
the magazine is burning in my head, the heart is unfullfilled for its enhanced indurance of the last ten years. tweleve it has been tweleve years since i published. a house then to was involved in my thoughts.
Each enviorment playing with emotions we can only touch or not. we could deny all happened casting off what was bad with what was good. the bad then , was same , now. Money.. all else was trying and loving. petty ness cot involve and crashed the world . materialisms, and impotenetcy.
everyone was the first right of themselves. first law and noblitiey. and then , and then , and then,
hear here Cranston Manor.
what loves for a House. left long aggo. to know the house is space and time and reconition. that focus is the first right of being . and all else follows. Noam chosmsky lets me blame that statement on him. I would think. Focus is the difference between wealth and poverty. Focus is food and shelter, focus is safty and Free truth to liberty.. and should be ..

it is funny but i had an altercation this morning, with “what is”.. the small events are unimportant. Was i wrong , ? i think about it. I think about the concerns we face as we see a fight coming on. to see what you have already envisioned. you can see the corporation killing people to keep quiet anyone they need to. and so when we think of fighting back first we must weigh how much is just ourselves getting angry , that fact of bestial reaction. A fact that i don’t handle every well when it comes to the doing. I am not a physical fighter but inside i feel it.. I am a paranoid, Enough to know when things are going to go down , and an assortment of just before events that are read properly. Like gangs when you see them what can you do.. alone , nothing. you back off. you have back off already. you can not back up any more. so you stand, and in that suffer the pain of unquiet that comes, you look all the time before you and back. and Wait .. you know they will come , you are not afraid of them, you are afraid of being Railroaded.. of being alone against so many witnesses (people lie and people walk cause of it) . you are scared of being right.
But you have to find a way of getting by. we do so much of it. if you are to think about why we are in a global warming trend and then also think about when they discovered electric engines and solar and wind power, you have to think about the anger at a system created around business stopping the progression of everyone for the limited profits of fossil fuels. we think about how we could have stood our ground in Carters Presidency to eliminate the control of the middle east for the prospects of a cleaner earth. but even as you look and your blood boils you realize they own the courts, they pay big money to control what goes on. and that has never changed, they have killed presidents and made the voting public so confused that we have a ruined economy with more people joining in the “tea party” movement for limited government when infrastructure cost, schools cost,and free college should be a reality( especially in a time of internet schools). but the anger. the frustration brought out the punk movement, the frustration causes our drug problem, crime problems, terrorist. cause they have a fight, when we should be able to talk it over. I think the world grew fat with the cold war, and we found we can prepare for attack without an aggressor. so we react in the future of a conflict.
I did i tried to avoid what was here now. Did i cuase it? by thinking it. after the event you can never say what was the reason anymore that are just facts accumulated for a system that tries to deal with some set of rules. but the rules are always broken and the truth is a left over innocent.
I used the system to avoid the “conflict” for now. but it , like corporate control of media, doesnt go away, it is left for a different day and different circumstances, but it is the same what is.
One must blame themselves really, for the holes we must climb into alone and unrepresented.

and what joke of time i have been making of late, like stretching many moments into so few days. a toxic what to do the absence of how. the living of what s for what can be. for what is now. we rejoice as Twelve weeks have gone and are Now, we are told.
over. Pick up the ocean and go home.
Absence a barrier
what lies many times.
have we looked away enough.
don’t let go of the feeling. remember all the little things ,, don’t forget, let us add them up. and find a medium for all people of the earth , to vote.
for a world consciousness.

remember Bp and the “accident” as a motive, another in the long line of GREEN NEED.. Recycle in your homes, which is presently more devastating than even The gulf..
ask questions, we need to know so they can vote it. we the must get something for our trillions in children develpment and social welfare projects.gone without funding, for our education system to be banished form federal security. it is a final day of the masses pissedness, now only thouse looking for moneywill be pissed.
and everyone is signing NOT TO SUe Agreements. ,, the people who can afford to hold out get the largest share.
we should all send money to the group that keeps the poor in the loop until the end.
we should with my bare naked pockets.
you know i am working on the magazine it is a reality , the rats are not getting me, and i refuse to quit though i have a couple of days off to write, the second life things has come to just under forty dollars. maybe with that profit we should start a account . and in it, start a trust. we like me and all the dead, for no one has joined the society.
fantasy is part of the next issue, .. sept we are thinking of doing somethings
we shall see.
need a better office.

We see you Mr bush
your greed so tainted
with fresh blood on the hands
that feed it.
I want to rumor the arti-fact with this
and gone . and a love
that goes with it.
American struggle loves
anti hero, warriors of the subjected
to economic prosperity , which
is the closest a system can go to anarky.
and yet.
my living on the street helped nothing and yet i was free.
shelter is only what you pay for
this may sound like preaching. but
when the bills go up without control . which then make control. and create less hours for the democratic peacefullness our understandings should equal .. the should given as the joke
.. common sence.

Ten minutes, and then go. A Party food, smiles, weather cursed by unity of foolery , it is gregariousness before a display of innocent might. It is the night of UrbaN WARFARE, OF BOTTLE ROCKETS, AND CHERRY BOMBS. AND ITS ALL EXCITING UNTIL YOUR FATHER WAS IN A WAR, OR YOUR BROTHER SISTER, MOTHER, THEN COMPOUNDED BY HOLIDAY IS TRUTH, SUCH EXCEPTIONAL TRUTH That you can not breath , or the words get stuck in a choked larinex
Explosions kill, and independence will never be the enslavement wars cause. Weather for the murderer , or the victims family. Compound that by all the survivors after all the wars. And explosions are for the innocent. And for the brainwashed, we have to address our independence on the reasoning we have come up with for peace, not the answer to disagreements.
These philosophies effect every working of our imaginations Even down to our world view. A separate world is easy to see if we encourage the celebration of independence through arms firepower.
I guess I will sip my wine carefully again for the disruption of civil norms.
Cry if you must it is another day

In this life span, a voice rings either true, untrue, or lost in its own submission. Truth, and not, have to be based against accepted definitions. For which only Awareness can prove or disprove on a metaphysical /emotional/physicalness, namely a personal reaction, translation, but only if we let it.
Awareness should be written into the meaning of liberty. Peace should be written in the bill of Rights. And a technical understanding for use of all knowledge as our basis for a REASONed Decisions.
NOT Market ADVICE. The market follows the will of the people not the other way around. It is false if it is. That is a false market which falls, to bankers whims, and profiteers (Hariburton-ized Escapades)
Oh shit what does that have to do with real awareness.
I don’t know he was never charged, we have been defrauded of our future, though credit rates….
Wake the fuck up..l. the giant will not give away our futures with such submission.
Don’t you realize , how big that debt is so bad your public schools will be come, your common environment with unemployed and homeless, with a gated community and security everywhere to protect the thieves,, and as I get all hot and bothered by my own one percent, I look again, and our system has been , is the play things of European concerns.
While we were the blood splattered white hat…
A blog is a blog.
Someone said the other day , I was Anti amercian. I am not , I have served, and all males in my family have served. But more importantly , served and died over Cambodia. I am from someone that doesn’t know me; cause of a war. But I have never mentioned that point for me, I needed to.
A democracy is only as good as the average. For the everyone ,, the one hundred percent should vote ,, we are real.
We should make some demands. Back,, you want to change system ,, FREE EDUCATION FOR EVERYONE. The rest we will figure out for ourselves.
“But what do you want from me ,, this is all intelligent , all social, radio”.