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Monthly Archives: November 2010

November 23, Thanksgiving, and all alert the turnkeys to hide,, Some how ,once, Ben Franklin wanted them for the federal symbol. Out voted i think. Politics is confusing. and memories of rights and wrongs seem to linger around Hollywood more than what happened yesterday,
And so no sound track comes with the conditions of silence around the events which misplace you form what is called Normal societies,, lol.. no such thing. There is only more ,or less, blatantly crazy. The worst are the most expensive. reeking with righteousness,.. No story bought turnkey here.

“We went to the farm last week and got ours,, We found a special one. one that could read, like the spider in Charlots web.. Yes , he spoke a couple of languages,, they say… and always lied.

We got him home and let him play the xbox and the We ,, for the last week. He doesnt even know its a time to mind tomorrow , except he thinks he is a god or something, cause he keeps seeing referances to his kind and carnage , which he presides over.
They don’t get to play xbox at the farm. in fact, no one even notice he could speak until he picked up the receipt from the shopping with his beak, and told the Lady, that they had over charged her for Lettuce,, and lettuce is always one forty nine, not two twenty, .. the lady was shocked, and then looked at the receipt, and agreed with him,
and went back to putting away the rest of the shopping.
, he told all this to Joey , thats our youngest.They said. The Baby sitter said I mean, Joeys taken a real interest in the turnkey, and thats good, they have been playin together, and spending all kinds of time together, he even drew him into a family picture,,
Joey says he wants his heart,,

Heheeh that Joey he is a good boy, hang out with the turnkey all week, his room is waiting, you know, want to slay him himself, he watch to many “Dexters”, and the room is filled with heavy plastic wrap on the walls. A fine set of knives, on a butcher block table..and A picture. ..
it is him , yes, the turnkey, during a time when he thought all eyes were off him, as he shit in the dog food bowl, and picks the bike tires flat.. his attack on the Rainbow caves..
A band of hippy crows. whom were to be his victums, as the picture reveals. three dead scrows with tiedies scarfes on their necks.
Joeys acting out an A type personality. Win or loose its all how you play the game.