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Monthly Archives: December 2010

I should just read
what you have,
but I would rather, just write. Like a meeting on the street where one person says everything. You look at them, and then either talk . or just bow. harm no foul
. i am creating a portal,
and wish for others to step
through into a world
that accepts body as water
as energy is god’s materialism
and inner truth as a world saving
He Says Mechanically.

Someone got to publish it..
I am a multi media performance artist.. that means i function in a variety of media and entertainment art. I create large Projects One of which being A creations called The Enertialcall, ( a website/Enertianment channel, now, and soon to be Again,, LImited Print paper magazine , that will come out seasonally for the next two years.
April fools day is the first Addition. By then , if not before. (like in January sometime, but it will be issue One for real) The release date for the magazine will be April First 2011.
I am telling you this because with every connection. I am looking for artists of all mediums. Writers are the most important.
I like the work you are showing and EnertialcallMedia, will be organizing “Artist” for use in productions coming soon. Please stay in touch If not join the ECS.
I am personally, looking for People who Feel the future and invite them to The Enertialcall Society.
A Society for the creation of a trust to Build ,House and Facilitate the raising of Run away children. This trust will be set up to be self producing. ( as in 26 million will be managed to facilitate profits, The running of each home will be left to Enertialcallsociety as a collective whole, which will replace any thing I say in the future. As a democratically ran collective entirely on line.)


So goes a day,
made mirth and chocalate
the road warrior, survives
with peanuts in his socks,
the cool colored alien.

Speak of anlatyzed evolution
to grind martyr to wheels
on the tom weight
I can work no more
work against self
disfunction descripted
function on one
who dares.
all can tell whats wrong
staring into the gaps
between seats, of that
overlapping change
mincing never type
or cause survival indent
always to remake the spent,
time lies to purity
debased speculative

To consider Human Form: Beauty

Straight focused eyes
lived sleep hard
full lips.
An unknown Madonna
with working class
which look up
but only in occasion
like eyes of a Victum.
Looking to ask the torture
to stop
but no workds come
before the hard bites.
like there also
no tears after.

Real beauty in form is quiet
as the dreams are endurance
grace of presense
more then prrsentment
Strength to be
Real beauty
is the strength
to love
and care
in lifes minute
self rememberance.

And then there was another day..
Yes spending the day running from doctors to therapist . all just so I keep the only money coming in.. it is funny how the greatest minds in the world are either trying to get money or suffering cause the money they got.. it is no different than me , so I guess I shouldn’t worry.
When my day comes to have I will have I guess. But I can not see clear what is to have.
Do you know? Are we to want security when so many haven’t any , People who spent their whole lives equaling the systems demands, and there they are standing in the food lines with me. Me, who didn’t do that, who thought that was the easy road, College . Job, Family Life. No instead I went to my emotions balences, the torn ego from my youth wanting nothing to be as it felt. For all was anger and pain Wanting only to be right maybe, like there was a right, and still with the knowledge of what is right we are cast into the world of what is.. You can not win if winning is physical excistance. The rich are hated for their stubborn egos and unenlightened subordination to all around them. And yes I do hate them, I hate influence peddling of all sorts. Leading the knowledgeable to remember you must lie to system. You must bow to system. And yet there are people who control system. So system isn’t natural, isn’t made for everyone. But made for the greedy few who are willing to step on other people and through reasoning to keep all logic away. Self reasoning,
Torn Egoistic reasoning. My family over yours..
but it doesn’t feel like that to some. For everything “Media-wise” aggrandizes riches and wealth.
So much so, that people live in the despite hope of some savior that never comes. It is us against them no matter how many small minds tell you that its all the other guys fault you are down.. It is the system that demands subservience. That moves away jobs. That cheats the government of the people for the people by calling the corporate a person. But the corporation doesn’t retire so it cares not about the whole system . just the part that concerns it.. just the taxes.. the same taxes that train their workers.. oh that’s right , they get as many workers as they can from the free schooling countries , the rising third world.. and scream for Immigration rights. Because you get five Indians for one American cause they want to be Americans.
Home of the free and bound to the slave. Cause we have ? America the beautiful.. yes I know I have been across most of it. Seen the Facts of Land scored by the remembrance of capitalism. Large Business Zones Industrial parks empty where even the homeless can’t sleep cause there is nothing by them.
I wanted to tell someone about a business idea.. you know micro economics. You see, what you do, is get all the security contracts that require overnights. That guard parking lots and such ,, all the Mobile Homeless.., cause you know the ever amounting Foreclosures are creating whole towns of people living in their vehicles, well. these people, who would love to work and are the turnaround population Like if they had jobs they would be back on the grid, They would be allowed to “Locate” the Driven Homes, to whatever Parking lot they are securing. And stay Guarding the Now Empty Big box.
Two birds one stone.. the rich get on location security for 25 percent less than whatever they are paying the lowest bidder of a security contract..
The Mobile homesteader.. a place to rest, and be.. Not like they can’t get to rest ,, but,, there is the constant threat ….
of being Seen.
The Waiting for the Tap on the window, and the “Hello, Hello in there” Then the questions , by the flashing lights. The where’s of what happened.. the long story,,
or the short responses that create suspicion, and then Flash Light searches, while you stand without a great jacket or the socks you didn’t’ have time to put on , getting cold.. you stand and freeze while Backup is called , and the second flashlight , comes up for the ID, and vehicle thangy,, a silly little piece of paper that says your car is a documented citizen..
and you freeze until they tell you about some murderer that lived in his car who they caught last year, and that they check everyone out,,
and how they could arrest you for having less than the forty nine cents it takes to not be a Transient,
which is an arrest-ible offence.
Oh ,, And you cant sleep here. Pepsi.
So every night you stay where no one bothers you.
You see the streets as a homeland of creative blindness.
You see the hope only in silence and obscurity.
Coke doesn’t know this. No name brand feels the cost of the Capitalism, as long as around them are Smiles and backs..
It only takes standing on the chances of tides to defend the honor of the natural God. Calling Alien and oustrisides together. Calling God energy, for a vibrational spirit. Gulfing the Whys of life. With the peace of an accepted Global Knowledge. The moving of the humanities is up to all , we have only that to call home for the spirits, in this time of commandments, Of Soddum as the tax Cuts..

The Now Reigning will suffer , for long have they told the people Law without any..
And for which only Nature Writes.

That’s only one also.. imagine how much work a person would be willing to do .. for an electric outlet and a sheltered Parking Space.. You don’t know ?
Think about it.. and then for the Free space,, would pay with Guarding, with house repair, with day care. It is like the family ,, from a “religious” Caring for all, would also benefit for as giving creates life and Life is created from Giving. Our Peace to conquer our political upheaval,, Lost a son, daughter, brother, love in the War,, Get a homeless person..
But wait a corporation can never be homeless. Yet most have P.O. boxes.. and mail forwarded to “Do Buy”.. spelled wrong I know.