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Monthly Archives: January 2011

I am getting old. There in the fingers, neck , legs, and inner body stuff.
I have been younger, I am always younger.
The body is growing without me.
What is me.
Of psychologly. Still One involved with the other.
Self respect is to count the rings
And times by the number of dollars.
Like a planet, nationalistically
Add controlling countries. Against typhoons and nature devastations.
Multiply by each hurting child. Each finger nails length
Joining the man and god. in MIcoangleo’s chapel.
We forget to see.
We really don’t look up when in the Sistine.
But we is not I .
Or so I am told
the excesses of confusion
“does not weigh into an external.”
The External has reasoning and law, has capitalisms, and thought “isms” defending against the movements of insanity by the interior (the dis-reasonable)
Balances of a trillion minds.
Do not separate personal from political,
or reaction from reason. Like we cannot separate, Journalism from political.
All intertwined knowledge feels sides and opinions, the unsaid, the read through. The analysis of self.
Why did you say that. What was the purpose How much did you expose ,this little time on earth does martyr the individual. From the understanding of internal/external.
Ego , the safety net. for egos see egos and bind together in the larger psychology.
“ We are Right, except where we are wrong, and in that we don’t have to look,, we make laws against looking, such that we have a Reasonable system..”
Reason curtails truth. Amends it. Awaits more information. Conferences, committees,, lets check with the Educational people.
All under the gun of an exposed truth. And All needing more money.
All thought regards a one percent economic political, educational backing.. but the interior,
Changes. Adapts. Waits
for groupings of ego.
The Just-us system for Bio pilots.