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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Often as the years, have past. Bar rooms ,and country gatherings, have been my places for out right conversations. I like to approach major problems while in large groups, I like it cause. it is the one thing i don’t see enough, someone trying telling a the truth. (which some how echos back as their truth and separate. the study of Thought starts with the separation. We feel, therefor we are alive. Our shared key is governance personal and global.
There is only one problems in the world. People don’t like to Join things.. its funny , but a good idea isn’t enough to motivate when the pay off is years down the road. We are not smart enough to want a heaven on earth , we must only respond, and then get it together in some half ass way for our children.
and that is of course keeping in with the technocrats. who work and work and work Have no children. and do everything half ass perfect. and Get Bestial on the weekends, And drink, and drug, and wish they had the small joy which helps you get your half ass shit together. but then look. Panic in streets far from hee. Living on hte edge , a little for a TEA _A_MEIN moment. a President, the kings man leaves. heheheh. thats funny..
well back to your regular stations.
At such time, i think to the mass. and look for dialogue on which to bounce. I think there is something wrong. We are willing to throw everything out the window. for our job, EVERthing goes,, personal talents, family life, this creates our extra stress just to deal. we are not feeling a real part of what we are doing. Its all so much, just to keep this great big system working.
but then , If you have talent, you are suppose to set a price and get paid it. There you have just been bought off for someone elese aims,, Someone else’s purpose has become yours. now weather the weather is just profit, or just an idea. you dont get to say enough is enough, and lets just be a little simpler and give the rest to , abused chihldren and families. to let just give it to people because they invested with us , helped us grow, with cash, and no labors. these people who could live on less but wont. and want only to get a heart for themselves and there life, This american hy bred of white color normalcy and stagnance which use to be called ARisto cratic. .
I had a simple point what was it.
people dont like to join, and in that divide , is all the money.
We marry, We accept,, the system , but we don’t act without Panic.
for if we would we know.
Summer parties are the greatest especially during the election years. I am often drunk which helps, stoned or otherwise, wanting to not be taken for real for “mutiny on the bounty seems the result of any leadership without cash. People think you are being a leader when really it all seems so Natural to me. The unity of grouping are all movements, from Religion, to Vegans, it is the closed economics systems of Who you know and what is shared priorities.
funny that, nature can not be shared as it can not be taken a way.
no ownership. needed. a concept of unity starts from goal.
Goal is a future peace. though Self Taught Awareness spreading to help the economical and emotionally disadvantaged.
I will eat rice and like it. with butter and some salt.
i will eat weeds that often are edible. You can smell them, I will drink the trees green and ease away stresses and abominations to natural appreciations. I will for the poverty of my soul is the innocent of the trail i leave behind me.
goal is easy, Unity is the telling of a reason seeing that reason is only to feel reason.
on the steps of growing, thinking is one tenth of the process.
such in that d. i wanted to say , i have a house, we need twenty people at 100 a peice. I wanted to say, we need ten people at two hundred a peice. but reaslly i want ot say we need ten people who play music and poety, who know hard work and sympathize, for three month free.. with food, and tent spaces, and we create a movie. sell it before winter… and live off the proceeds, and stream all winter. I wanted to say.
in Bar rooms and Country Gatherings.
I want to say before i die.
I want to say Joy. through simplistic emotionally available governance.
I like bar rooms and country Gatherings.
I like the city streets
when you get known.
for being.

Easy is the cause seen , the Reason less so.. the answer a repeat of La France, in spirit alone. Democracy can change with a feeling. Philosophy changes to acknowledge feeling, Nature can only be. NO Defenders need , no borders to cross
peace is easy if emotions are thought.