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Monthly Archives: April 2011

so yes , i know no matter the subject it is to read. the movies i used fr the titles are for the movies i have seen in hte last wee, I went back wrad thought, first i learned that death and transendance are hand and hand, but I learned it with Kuber Ross in the late seventies. so i didnt get it from restrepo. and Black swan stopped me in a desprite awe at the pettyness and skin used when you really cant seem to get the actress to be an actress.. I cant wait for the remake. but , the latent sense of “side effect” Special effect, used for the name of the special bus this movie belonged on. But lots of skin, and a further warship of Heroin women who ballet. An lovely art which only need great dancers and a great cast, but we didn’t get either but a really good look at the ?Rockafeller” Center?
Loved the girl on girl “Fantasy” and over explicit plot of deformities and sheltered behaviorism, dangled into a ballet movie. nothing really worked and the end was the simplicity of suicide. but the “psyco Thriller” didnt work for me, and so i told you.
Hererafter , i will tell you about Restrepo. the men in this unit , and the film camera shots. are in life Real life. Afghanistan war life. Simple, follow the war effort like never before. the mountains are beautiful. and only the timeless would create this place as home. The Men in the film , look like they are in the a state park. trees like here . they are kill ing but you cant see the enemy, who is doing what, the uniform.
I write this while watching, the acting is not. the living is a force of politics.
the indecision in peoples eyes. . the deaths.
this could be sponsored by .. oh shit,, of course.
Clint Eastwood created a brain washer for the classic age. the walk through the action of death. but where kublier ross stops,is where unite starts, to understand, not just death happening, but the conscious adventure of life we create through ourselves. Through Understnading perspectives we transcend the simple elements which retard society. lovgic
love and logic

A fancy dress
A gang land tattoo
The linen work
A scar across “mother”
Workers t shirts
Basking in the reign
Of business suits
As grease for pyramids
Jeans hid equality
Made the fatigues
Of the boot strap
Sauntering hated
What gotta be
Inked on perminate
Standing abreast
You all look the same.

such that today is a thought of tomorrow’s mentality, What reading ,may ,or not, this script one could never know. But it is to write such , that keeps the tide of . An “Everywhere” kind of cultural. but yet..
and welcoming an age of myself i write.
as i have welcomed all ages. and time devoted for the being is Energy. Who longs for the time when we all understand the energy self. the particle science of being . . Easternly exposed and denied as witch craft. the tendencies of all to affect all. Such that if we see a dawn of dust, we live that, and energy diminishes against the traumas, such that to feel any truth is to know the first excise, To believe there is answers is to live them, Learning Breathing , learning constantly.
Such a long call from the seat of a taxi , but there you have it.
the testimony is only the living, as such i have been writing for many years, to the silence.
as the flames of being create the flames , and donkeys all run up hill when playing.
to look around i am a fantasy, of living ,, llike the self made is a capsule, a divined line solitude with escape, or sanity. waiting. As some time isn’t yet, for now we are learning the reasons we need change, and the possiblities of change having no market,, and yet, that is the natural positive. Natural effects will always have market.
but who falls , or drags feet, but the money, such that money for the people by the people must perish against the debt foreign governments inherent, from some system of credit,, while we what.. watch..
electing a President only bought a president, easier.
a piece of self fall every time an angel gets its wings.
balancing freedom with blood. Counting what dead are not arguing.
Oh alone to say what i need to the heartless internet, the romancing clairvoyant of humanism, and i am yelling into a 3 d corridor where there is no end.
my eyes are blurry, and i must deny i create an end in my thoughts so as to not depart with the skeptic. from parts to part , Art calls some voice away , like any specialty, where we can not remember what to say as we say it. but it is business.
Like a fleet of electric taxis, waiting .

In this time of troubles we come to the movements of our lives that distributes a cure. It is of the man himself to rise up. it is of women and child to search out the strength of life within themselves.
Let me help .. with ease of comment. With telling you .. you don’t need health care , if you don’t need to see a doctor, if you exercise, if you clear your life like you clean your windshield, as a professional driver. Spotless, for the wind drag elimination , for the slight distraction for which could cause accidents, for it only takes a little. Some countries they are scared to go to the doctor. like the man in Moscow, who went in with a headache, and was mislabeled and came out dead. One perfectly good spleen marking the presence.
This is the time of rejuvenation. of claiming a difference between what is and what must be. It is the time of Breaking from the past to accept a new future which starts with you, and me. Just waking to mediation. as an American thang.. Waking with guaranteed schooling on the internet. fifth grade through 4year college with a merit system. ‘ your Good, intelligent and marked in one specialty, you go on. until a doctorate is a given, A smart society is a peace ful one. if change comes naturally fast progressive and savy of what is available. Change is more accepted if there is give and take with the business “community”. not letting all the bath water out for the hideous lobbying, and secret unsubstantiated technology ran for only the corporate senses. the People are loosing.
yes there is such a world we can make. we live in, really , anyone that can think, can read. and Free reading courses are one the internet. I will make a practice of finding them, a new page on the Enertialcall. how to live free,, how to be free.. free of sexism , violence, economics, free as in figuring out the puzzles. and letting the reason through , the adaptation necessary to mankind though mankind, not through a product, just information. “free-dumb” is not an option anymore. we are not free to forget life, though the roman thought so.. the senate ran a muck.. and here we are again, it is time.. for the relieving of sorrow caused by ignorance and misrepresentation.
it is early, i have awoken to be tempted to work. at eight there is no one. there, when eight was the mark set just the night previous, the same night where i said Monday would be cool. but demands of Friday or no day.. created me to be at eight, prompt. watching the haze of night fog over the pond. watch a new male duck float lonely in the arising day, I know he isn’t the duck of the set of ducks. a women and man, who have joined and are missing from the pond right now. the new duck is temporary,