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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Face cracked torn healed left wandering the streets. Staunch allies of all befriended by few but I say hello .
The unseen uncared about left to rot in gods civility cross the streets as deserted children of all, as nothing claims the sufferance of all. Store bought morality caught and claimed with store bought educations in affecting presidencies , heard as screams from old ladies “no more thinking, no more thinking” little girls panting with high short jeans illusions to a body yet to mature but which what is the promise to love to hope , as distant remembrances of escorts jarred in truth , passion sucked up , spit out life for art left to the worlds of aged men “the way it is” parting hopelessness with more of the same excesses reaching for a purity wrapped in disguarded condoms but we can not complain for like a flood with comes with being human it is little when regarded for the crisis is only reported from more obvious devastation which is blamed on god. Illusions to the nature of man without seeing and in fact denying the true nature of man by sinister conscriptions of bad food and faulty logic which proclaims the new over the old , intelligence over wisdom , when we always come back to what is , death as first and all else follows suit.

Another day. Human felt the part of being with motion to the millions who are . Feeling them like every day is one big movement of the ant hive, and what pricks your shoulder pricks human’s. but it is not hard, the excess of information released in timely manor as technology can give, accepts the flow with a back handed attention and a felt forecast as can only be, for who can link to all the data flow. And words lose there meaning after the first
I love you.
Flashing off the tongue like so many guilt’s and left overs from innocents we discard so after as a “moral” code.
Human is alive. Stresses of the Rich have always been his plague , but he felt alone from it. And now feels equality . like the Just higher ups, are also pained and deterred from their vices, as they call Reasons. The ever class of Drunken Landlords, and swelled back contractors, who middle manage and defraud the workers around them, Casting off responsibility for “the Way it is” circled in Red Pen. At the bottom of an account sheet.
Human feels everyone , Like whole nations coming under the fact of a feel good day, or not. Under the facts of scientific misreading for the corporate Religion that tells them Yea or Ney, Governments Misspending on War instead of Research. Even as Reagan left to Bush, First we Research them to death, Cold war politics, then We Exploit that Advantage, Our supremacist establishment, until the masterminds of the “I Ching” Ketch up.. Who has no Army, and is an Army just by standing? Crosses the Great water Straight to a Larger Kmart, the Main Brand for which started The Lame Brand, Mismatched and Bespeckled Parking lots of Trailer People , and Apartment dwellers, with children clad as Big store had them, but they were still to wear “new”.
“you go find children’s clothes, they Were them out, none at the thrift store.” As so the pants, were always to short, to tight, thin material, faded with the second washing. The sneakers bottoms would wear out a month after you got them, and you would wear them with holes and just keep quiet and not stress out the stressed.
Ancient bemoaning, any century, different topics.

welcome ladies and gentelmen..
I had the fortune to read the new york times today, and what approaches my eyes but expanded powers for the fbi, and ignorance in Japan’s handling of their nuclear reactions.. funny that but i didn’t even know that all four reactors reacted badly,, and why ,, we still don’t know . then i started to think why isn’t there a global agency?
I know all this seems so meaningless to an unemployed artist type but ,, what the hell? our system the system , is so messy cause of corporate politics. they seem to be all about regulating the world’s banking and demographics, making sure we are all considerate of the global “free market” but someone should ask these global “tie-coons” where there children live? like the situation of the product , ie the earth, is becoming as messed up as the nutritional level in a Mc donalds cheese burger.. and no one seems to be able to put there mind to that.. funny that..
So i go to a fast food restaurant to understand global politics.. is all right there the future of life. on the planet,, the employment of the future = low wages, the food and air phophets, a soy burger with corn oil, hopefully,, as long as regulation allow. I can even see the manager an over weight glutton who has been eating the same product the same lies of food. Interesting comparison. Profits the overweight prophets.. a world based on fast food franchises. I also listen to the radio. to the Dead seas in the gulf not even based on the oil spills but on the slit from the Mississippi river from the rains.. washing the outlet to the ocean with fertilizers from the over production of corn and soybean, so necessary to Mcdonalds, sodas and meat additives. but mean while i am just trying to get over my mental dysfunction caused some would say the same additives which cloud my thoughts, its all a big circle. we are trapped in the center, we are you and i . left to decide only how to explode what fact to use, and where to do it. for we are all looking away and blaming each other for the systems we let control us. for who takes a side ,, except in these unpaid blog. where i am supposed to spell correctly like it makes a difference.
I am wishing for my own stupidity so i can find a job, and love someone, play music and not feel i am being stupidly lead around my nose. it is a long road to ignorance,, but i am trying ,, it seems the mondren way,, lower your standards or you are in for a bumpy ride..
as i watch a kid play some game for as many hours as i write. the game is a training to run drones,, i wonder who will have a job first.
but lets see i must try and write better. so the wrap up must proceed here.. the fbi can investigate my trash without making a report. for which is all the expanded powers is , a deregulation as the next leader takes over soon. basically it means they can do there job ,, but also means they can do us all, without restraint. so if you really want to comment on why a global energy corporation isn’t controlled by a global energy monitoring group. you might think twice again, for to effect lower profits is global terrorism. i could almost applaud the bombing of banks. but that might not be the right thing to say,, “ah wtf… search my trash”

should i work on sunday is writing work. i have nothing really to say. as nothing in its self is a question we proceed. is there ever nothing? th ehope of a million lives excists off th eform of nothing. what we cant touch in so many forms excist to question what is.
a hit of coffee, a cigerette, th enothing of smoke evapores from my lungs the nothing of my life.
so today i started research of stained glass.. which it turns out is very old, well as age goes, 7th century, for the formal “stained glass” where even as far back as 945 ad in Eyption as a thinly sliced stone which let light though. but i have just started , the breaking of glass is the first step and i watch videos on it. the sheer symbolism of a thing you look through, the “rose colored glasses” the perspectives that deem what nothing you see. for the glass is to me nothing but what we color it with. you get my point but there is so much more. i guess at this end.
I looked at yesterdays post, and will not change it , but i do see points left off, i see imcomplete sentences. i see cracks in the preposed communition. for these are the glases i am wearing of late. how much closer will i be able to see? i dont know , the dullness is starting to wear in , the lifelessness, but that to will pass, as the week will fly by with day labor being showing up at five thrity to find there is no work anyway. Hoping i am wrong. I will show up at five thirty.
the faces there worn , hopeful determined faces, left to try and only try , there is no other way, but this. for most. the morning will come to fast as the night have less darkness, less time to sleep. less food as the stamps are again running out. and to save them i eat bags of salad. the lunch meats have been creating my high colestrol problems which numb my hands in the morning.
where i am to go if this week doesnt reveal money. I dont know. i can not think , of much but what has created this. Plan for tomorrow is day labor If no work i will go get my lunch at the old town cafe.. after i play, I wish i could have played yesteday but i was feeling Libra lazy..
last night i battled myself, thinking of all that has created this innocent ego. for which distracts me from participating in a formalized society. did i tell you i have seen inside the effects of the abusive past, for which is only a global recognition, of the parental mismanagement, like fossil fuels, and advancing patents bought by corportion, leading to the abuse of our system, we are all abused Americans, sorted into a self therapy, or bowing to ignorance and blindness to save our lives. saddness.. a world sadness. i feel equaled with the third world. my employment taken away, my hope devoured into escape from impending troop movements, well from legal destabilization, no job no home no money no love.
But i am less than a third worlder,, i still have the past lurking in my “what should be soul” and bowing is breaking so i am worth less than a third worlder cause i still have some stupid pride.
this isnt work,, i guess this is just more venting. the day is parting between what would be hope and what is action. hope seems useless. and i cant grovel any lower.
Madness takes control. heheh. a line from the Rocky horror.

A friend of mine said just recently “Don’t put your business on the streets.” And it makes me think, of course, in the reverse, wanting to think about the philosophies that have created me and my awareness, and what I want for the world we live in .. You see to expose yourselves has been a motto almost. A way of getting out the ugly, and celebrating the beauty of relief, then I read Plato today .. and I read the hunchback of nortedome. V. Hugo I finished and Plato I am just starting , but as the last months have shown me.. for I finish war and peace last month which I have been reading since September. , War is ugle and peace beautiful. Then Quasimodo and Esmeralda ( the ugly hunchback and the Beautiful gypsy girl) so much is being able to see the ugle and the beautiful. If we only look at the beautiful we become constrained in our attentions. We limit our comprehension. And we accept less than is life.
It has been a tale of the living I have not really been able to tell and one until today I couldn’t formulate, when you read a thought you have had by Socrates, you come to realize your own validity.
I watch as my thoughts have been changing. I have been watching as the clarity is simple and the muse is not limited to a drugged state. I have been putting aside all that would be related to drugs. Not for the neck pain or for the the mental pain. Not for my disability to live that standard of life all others seem to maintain as their stability, the house, the rent, the sufferance we entail to our life without question. Long ago I realized to expose yourself to yourself is to teach and let others see the path ways of personal reasoning. For why change if everything is perfect? Or is our world sustained only in blindness. To see and reason creates the breaking of standards that are harsh and accepted like our views of god being some mystic overlord to blame life on. Like a trickle down economy.
We expose to eliminate the blindness, we expose to save others and add to the knowledge . with the blood of reason.
Quitting Marijuana has been a discover for me, even though it has nothing to do with the weed, it is all about me, wanting to taste the air for the air, to feel the real me to grow. To grow beyond the subconscious vengeance caused by crimes (war) against me, I am looking for Peace. for I have been assailed of late by the petty, and lost nature of a drunken/employer/landlord,(subconscious step father) , , I will not explain this, but it was a item I covered long ago and let myself fall into and to grow is my only way to peace. I blame myself, and can change myself accordingly.
I digress. The ugly shows us how to change and evolve, so the people knowing your problems is the same as exposing yourself to yourself, It is sharing, it is growing. To talk, like in therapy, is the only way to get over the negativity. Helping to relieve the pressure and feel the next answers with the support of where you have been. Being able to talk over situation is a civility we all need and few use. For few change. But we need to change, the world is about change. The despite poverty all around us demands it. And if we don’t we will only adhere to the “normal”, which if we look, aren’t working. A new voice is your own, and the next voice is the one that learns from us.
Yes twenty years of smoking weed gave me things. I was able to get beyond the small mindedness of my birth, the hatred of the abuser I faced as a child , and I still hate, but can move against that as a inner emotion by the action of communication both publicly(to you) and privately(to myself). we are not talk from inside a jail cell which for an violently abused child is an achievement i give to the peaceness of Marijuana. There have been many times where I just “got over” the effects of other abuse of me, even thought with that “getting over I lost” emotional contact with so much, created a world of illusions I could only smoke more to continue. I now to see. It is a new day.
Know me. accept me , as I know what I can of you and accept you, we grow as community only with the exposure of our innocence facing this world of secrets and the unshared ..
Love and rockets talk soon.

The world seems different some how . It is just me? Any sanity seems to have left, Wealthy controlling factor in America are making a joke of any kind of people’s rights, in fact I don’t think civil social rights exist for the common American. If you don’t think you agree, just wait until we are at fifteen percent unemployment. Wait until your job is only saved by taking a cut in pay. So we have been quiet now for to many years. Corporation own local paper. We have to take a new approach. we have to fight on every level , except violently, Mini marketing to create a world we need. So with a change must be new ways of passing information we as the people can.
First we need to unset the plans of the IMF. We need to bring democracy to truth with one hundred percent vote, and a National day off to do it.
Secondly, we need a campaign to stop the defrauding of American people by foreign global free marketers with in our country. these people are the ones who brought you tax cuts which made our government borrow to sustain war with global concerns and limited local concerns.
The OK bombing was a plan to create fear and paranoia in America , a fear which 911 solidified. All as the ground work for the present situations. Did you notice 911 was only months after the Seattle riot. Did you notice the meetings of the IMF and the World bank and even G8 have been moved to more remote areas, where the common man can not go to, and off American Soil. Have you noticed the IMF doesn’t build schools, but donates to colleges to guide courses while students have been driven to assume large debts, which demand obedience and limit response to a corrupt system.
Market speculation is the terrorists real face. People who don’t work for change , but work for destabilizing costs and profits. They watch the planet die, Watch the system collapse and sell fertilizer of the remains, Just to phophet.
All this from me, A Know one , A man who never went to college cause I was Dumber than to start my life in debt. I am an artist and don’t really want to write this, which seems the only avant-guard left. The one place of truth. I cannot be bought off cause I am not even sell-able, I have not the “credentials” to make me a threat, I am the homeless man unstable depressed victim like you but I have risen to the cause and created change by accepting the situation of myself. Given up the trap of rising utilities, and rent, but i give up the luxury of private housing, Given up the American dream, I sleep with my fear and the inbred cunning of an animal to avoid the laws of private property and public space. I pay gas and fight for every dollar. I smoke weed to manage stress and keep some creativity which becomes assaulted by over education and the managed food supply. I have created a life style where once we called it poverty, And so in that I am also dieing either by age or this now constant head ache, I don’t know where it has come from, you would say from living in my car, but I have been doing that for years. On and off. So I am going to take B12 and more water, exercise and keep going. I don’t use the cute images a system of preordained plots. I talk from the heart, or try , about my world and yours. I use the I, the first person because thinking we are beyond the systems enforces conclusion. Why cant we say TAX the Rich,
So what happened to Viva La France, what happened to forwarding the cause of human civility and the common mans rights . when did all the minds get bought up.
I have been listening for a while and was disturbed when the main movement was Halliburton and Bush One, or was it the puppet Reagan, or the OK bombings, All these “smallness” piling up, that we now point at the conspiracies with major movies,(see The INside Job) and still nothing changes, you can not be heard by screaming at the top of your lungs. WHY?
I have moved on. And not.
Why when the cancerous economy is.. what personal change is good enough. I keep changing,keep trying.. while The taxing of the public sector is to see the stratification of society I can not afford and so I listen to the streets.