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Monthly Archives: August 2011

to argue with the hours seems insane, but to wonder weather you are creating or knee jerk reacting.. I have Courier..
how to change it .. damn..
and the hours of become a hobby at times. the innocents to echo on to paper which bounce in a skull. the endlessness of passivity and adjustments . to even walk out side. meaning anything could in my own thoughts toss me into an array of why its all wrong. from the weather to personal hygiene , each into the world is one.. what love is for self is for world what self that live of self as an energy unit. Disparages the waste and crisis when this is the peace of god we share , and in equality is agreement. . Sons daughters ,,
waiting is for those with no stake , no devotion, no heredity, which would leave a world like this, Of time comes No Time. To understand faith enough we must look at Timelessness proposed by the concept of heaven through a science of spirituality composed of an understanding of physics in order to accept Agreement. world events we be dictated by Nature from now on or was that yesterday.
and then we turn around all the advertising on the wall by the coffee shop and Write A DAY OFF TO VOTE, Imagining in our heads the whole pin up wall being filled with pictures and home made art of children of communication between people and un-obvious poets,, the spin of spins as an Americanism we forget. the land of the media ted can create more media.. I promise to look.
, and then think of all the clean backs of poster paper which leads to a homeless employment center, People who live in cars can mind lots, people who live on the street can sell magazines, or where funny costumes and hire out for signs, there could be an admin person who takes everyone resumes,, and creates business with the talent in front of them,,
Oh and only the homeless can apply,,,,,

then we think about non profit businesses,, every business gives ten percent of income for solar panels community fund.. or some such thing.. yes it is hard to go out sometimes. the reminders of what life is spent on is asstowding..
minutes turning to hours in front of a keyboard and the world is a place of breeze blowing plants when i wanted to be the blown , to sit in the park and commit yoga.

the nest step is the final pieces of the magazine i want a new front page… and so it is done.. love and rockets, time writing makes seance some times.