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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Have you wandered what saying yields,
When what is said is
Never changed. But why so
Common, why never heard.
You love me but fail to
When what is, must be scene
And plane faced truth.
My stoken’s
Mis staken
Ungraced, ripped

You said forever and
Try to lock me out.
I as me , as you , is me.
What depth asks
While of terror
are at answer,
Eyes you ask me
My clothing
On the street
In a Los Angel minute.

What love you could intend.
Consume jealous “of yet.”
What love you could intend..
Me to see, as me is I
As us are we.
My love green
YOUr movements Lights my eyes.
But what panting of slick
Glands in mistrals, Music and motif.
I to you with sicken prodigious illusion.
Society of Glandular
Spread , rise and dive.
I thought it was a good thing.
Passion archaic
Stemmed into words,
And then dominance
bigger sword reasoning.
My love will never
What you’ve given up.
Called a whore.
I as me, you as we,
,at cost.
To love at all.
You said, you would love me
Such promise did I hold from.
You, were me,
made transcendent.
Love lost in the loving.
Uncruel eyes , turned
Innocent, minute,
to yet.
you cling to words,
and spread knowledge
of the unwell saints
Given to qualify
what is summer.
by police presence.
As us is you
me to we
through thee.