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Monthly Archives: October 2011

a day in the life. and lately i have seen a motion in time and self.
i can see the flaws in my life. Cause i have been again living.
but there where i go seems mechanical..
the hope in the arts of unity
lay in the being
for a moment.
and a moment has come
with the Occupy. in which we have been evoking. I do concern myself for i have gone into the pit called a GA. I have been in a small town occupation with marching. We are really scared of the Tent City we will make . or I am. The support of the town seems with us , then we look closer. Organizers from other Organizations. Large non-profit peoples bear teeth of large donations, litter the playing field, and i grow scared.. it is a cornered rat, homeless and estranged,, someone who lives on the end of a coin, who stares you in the face and says we must have peace forever more. . And each percent is represented because they are empowered by a movement without walls. a movement with only a heart which beats in everyone. A calling of natural logic for A Global Health
and that will be an everyday thing someday. when we know the world is safe again. from the Corporate Access to commit evil..

While i think
While the first
is never the last
until Unity
is a promise in law.

Unity with Natural
ends controlling
the Corporate Access to Evil.
Education and Food.
Banking, Military) to be determined
judicial choise.
A One hundred percent is the whole to change
understand a basic science of metaphysics, and common reasoning.
It comes to a day , when the argeements are caused by a determined reality. One planet. One environment. and in that comes to a one us. Of water and Energy. in the 99, We must step to deed.
With the age of water comes the Metaphysics of Natural harmonies. the Presepts , the agenda , is easy. All Global politics must equal a harmonic World Goal.. a stated precept. we, the people must believe in the stated Goals of Government. To liberty equaling the liberty to see a Global Health.
the last strains of Nationalism must fall. but not with the Price of Defrauding the governments Like it seems is being done. Notice the process, and wonder .. If i was to face my pure self of energy tomorrow. would i be able to handle it?
In a A day of being feeling proud of everyone around, of unite in the streets to be. to live in response and celebrate the ability if nothing else. I am being useful. after three years unemployed, and five years homeless with ptsd or depression or whatever, my father , and my uncle gone in Vietnam, my birth sixty five. my importance a metaphysics we are globally realizing, and i just one more penny make.
but friday we would to Occupy . our tent leaders looking at rain.. and thinking of generators in this Warm wind which contains our winter.