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Monthly Archives: November 2011

 and it is another day. these words like notes in a bottle,cast on to the serf, i mean surf, . the grand expanse of a tidal pull called internet.

Here where we are all Ben Franklin or Tomas Jefferson.. or not with the latter. but the first , oh there is a lesson of love, of a fourteen year old with A Printing Press.. oh that was the shit… and here we go to our digital reprieve from invisibility..  But only in allusion I am afraid, after many years of marketing , i am still treading the waters of a few who listen, and yet it is me. asking of myself words which expand and grow and invade and divide.. but from a whole is all. Escapes into humanity are our only shared reality is a inner humanity.

  I question myself, have i come to hate mankind. Hate with a capitol, hate from the darkness and callousness of drug dealing coke users, Hate from the alcohol and all depressants which confuse sense of self.; move us beyond feeling to a world of mental creation such that we can not understand, and those that field the abscess, don’t bend to the inhumanity of “civility” Western or Eastern, Namely those who look into the void of misunderstandings  to find themselves naked and overbearing  to the dis reasonable FACTS in control .. the powerfully unclean, who tell themselves they can not feel environment. and cast aspersion to the natural facts of peace and personal Prosperity. Who cant not understand 

that the water of feeling is life.

   Petty , Shallow men and women have controlled in the vein of this Distraction, this Materialistic Absolution,  Controlled through Private exchanges of more Materialism, And every dollar earned is another removing one from the hope of a metaphysical understanding..

but watch.. and there is no where else to go.. Mediation in High Schools. Vibrational understandings to music, Schorkra connected to ‘global energy Law.. The Facts of peace, and World View coming to a mirrors understanding. A personal recognition..
my hatred doesn’t last long,, because doesn’t answer its own philosophies. and i can not hate pets,, I can not hate lesser forms. who exist only in a misunderstanding of feelings. so bantered about but dis reasonableness like Capitalism without Free education… You are not informed ,, you are left to create,, or recreate , the wheel.
Starting from scratch is Enlightenment of the Second yet if you don’t you are controlled. stop reading and go eat plastic food,, and cry over your children doing drugs and living in Parks. Because you didn’t evolve. didn’t see all is part of the whole of experience.
and it is to myself all is said.. as last night i was yelled at.. and yelled. to care is the worst feeling sometimes,, to see a beautiful idea turned into yet another un-evolved venture by human ego and plannings without emotional wholeness. some day the Peace will be all. we will change a world from devastation to progression through the application of natural law for which we have inside us now.. agreement of world vision and personal metaphysics.
I know the beast and have grown to hate him.. the mirror philosophies needed to understand self.

and yes today i play a couple of songs, I think , at a Protest night , of voice held by Dana Lyons, I am not sure it will go off but i will be there with axe. but what is the politics i cannot really say, do i approve of my own action concerning the being of the ninety nine. will i be used on a list for even participating, is the cunning of people outside of government ruining government, contracting the hands of power to fewer and fewer.. while the ultimate is power over self.. it is nature of mankind, that is to embody. a complete one being that cannot cast into Laws or bound by Judicial dictate.It is feel and we find the tidal push because off all the tidal desecration of ocean , Ice caps, and human psychology. the problems are broad if you look outside, and curable if you look inside. we can have a peaceful day no matter the storms, and we have lived that way forever. the News , the Media, being two separate entities confuse us to sides and arguments. they tell us a whole structure would fall if we trip over the feather. and yet we look at our feet while traveling.. you see someone has painted left and right on them. so it is at that we look.. and yet it is like blinders on the horse. Live your specialty, while your emotions know,, a peaceful world is not the goals of economics,, only a government can insure Tranquility and Advancement of Society..

 as an artist i can only feel my way , it is sad maybe, but someone must feel within this world of slanted arguments without the proper questions to argue. We have ,with our vote created this? We have Wanted things, but the Promises Failed.. they were distractions while the elected did what ever the corporations which are suppose to help the general society , fail to include everyone, they who produce nothing, get all with limited caring and no responsibility any more.. they have managed to create nonprofits to represent their interest,, basically creating a perfect system where all equals the goal of said interest and nothing for true human interests.. we have been stopped as a society from the benefits of solar energy, from the benefits of research, with a corroded food supply, we have been denied access to space by corporate space programs, and all with our own dollars.

  the occupy has been divided,to the core ,, which should be called Cup.. loos the o , c, py,

CUP equals the core of the movement to bring Justice to Corporations that defraud the Government. These type of Defrauding Have to be defined.. Halliburton, is one kind, Environ another, The federal reserve and Investment banks, All international Corporation.. must be tried in world court.. A corporation that brings down a government should be ruled criminal and all Assets Frozen.

  but i am an artist. i can only feel the pain sometimes. the living in my car, the living on borrowed money , the hope of the day inside my guitar, and pen. without capitol because i twitch at interviews. and loose jobs because of my PtSD.. namely I am human, and Feel to create a better day for myself. in that my ideas are my therapy.

 singing my muse, my personal cure. i guess. tonight in front of a crowd i will perform.  I hope they like it, but revolt in metaphysical nature is my only real concern, we are water,and in that we are the whole. 100 percent.



It is eleven thirty the axes are to fall at midnight. . we watch , and wonder what is coming. I don’t want to see. but i feel we are to see. each day a difference of time. the Occupy is before us.. as in inside our hearts further and further devoid of its flesh for the contribution to silence.. A yell only fulfills..
I know i am not but two friends are in Portland , and i know it is my age that is keeping but i am wrong , for life a moment is..this is not something that has began yesterday,, this is just the stress of our times.. we have been pushed to this. they have,, we have,, all are facing , but some of the message seem confused, but such is the vocabulary of the Pressured, stressed worried, the world is being effected by the corporate mortality or lack of which. . over and over.. the federal government is being disbanded in front of our eyes,, with the Deficit, with the lost of personal economic controls ..a government which can not afford its budget is unable to help or changed life for the better.. that will be left to the corporate masters to choose when we are allowed to have natural sustainability.. Electric engines, Solar Panels, Wind energy.. When will we make Corporate food Producers, Produce all natural products as the standard, Where we create Law that insure the standard we create in the next years. for the time of water starts with the flow of a tide over a corporate mind.
I once thought i was important, and i know forever now It is we that makes a whole. Of the sufferance as a people we are tired,, We have given our fathers brother and sister wives, in wars for foreign concerns which We were lead. we were incited with the lies of WMD, We were conned it accepting No Bid contracts, and the start of a deficit the largest ever,, And that money drained into American hands.. American Corporate Hands,, that Had the money then to invest. and divest the government through more loans more interest.