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Monthly Archives: December 2011

and so yet,
i will or not be there. I will or not my world to leave a better place, I will or not be part of the human race for which finds systems disastrous. and i am not even mentioning bankers and fraud i am not mentioning bush and Halliburton, the mob and the cia, no i am not talking about the chemicals in food or the warming of the earth in order to get at the oil reserves underneath, or the planned littering of our media by allowing the persons of corporate nature(as separate from human nature, differences like a communistic approach to the senses,, like the normal peoples sence of doom.) let 85 percent of “major media” to be owned by five Corporations,, or the planned destruction in the seas, from the blacked gulf to the nuclear east , i am not talking of the radioactive Armageddon that already happened and we are just waiting for the side effects with every bite of fish, no I am . not.. talking of that.
it is so to the confusion of my conversation , wonders first on its own values,, its own sences and philosophy,, Its own will i am to will or not. it is that of seeing the paths which accept the hideous and super being of our inner creations. and that Such as Blame and scorn be gone, the vibrations and equality of water beings as energy soul, are recognized. And suffered, for the perfection is a dream of all being so.
I am not as achieved as of all that and so when i hear the voices of madness which becomes authority, i look inside and see me.
i see the child who looked with guilt at his own noise and then as an adult walked into brick walls to show you i can while drunk, i am the last one you hit at a party, and the first who wants to live the furthermost of the money spent. i am the one with no name you never remember because you meet me drinking. but I jump at the unheard approaches, and have a anger. but only when i will or not.
i have lost every job because i have walked off. Scaring myself with adult anger, Oh yes you can read Tolstoy one day and scream in darkin nights with one ripped business shirt and a smell of tequila forgotten And almost everything that just went on. but looking at the ex-stream only in a rear view.
Knowing each moment as a passionate chance.
A love zealously celebrated. a moment’s will
far of civil such the poet brand,
and never the same after.
A stand is well placed
so I will or will not.
all with humble laughter.

or i fall off your deep end impassioned by a moment not started here and where here it will not die.. the Occupy, It is a set of eyes with hope learning frustration. As a new thing , fresh eyes in sparkles of youth, standing in side the main tent. store bought tshirts and conversations of the favorite game Ninnteen , that says “i am ready” “I am just a solider” right after he tells me about the white Lexius “over there pointing his hand, thats the one, in one game, that he almost got to the end with.19 and already thinking he is a body. it mades me want to describe everyone, for the old man with a black cowboy hat , as tall as rain, and cunning in a chess feild, the electriciam that hs a house but was called here by a dart on a map. or T– who’s five nothing and raised his three children in the woods for a while. who goes canning with a calm acceptance.
Stories, and i want to think of them, for they were my occupy. people are heart.. and the wallstreeters, became the heartland, as this mixture was congregated, like a cloud of people, condensed humidity from a frustration of back door deals posing as caring government
A Government without responsibility or a positive world definition. Some one wants it to be “government as tax collector only , and that we will privatize”.
but yet..
Do we pay just for a Protection status? when the authority is onlly weapons and not reason. for reason would just have a conversation on the matter. would look at all the corporate movements and the effects there of and find some leaning that says you are right and we should be the first Occupy city,,Bellingham Especially , for the Georgia Pacific Lot which litters our common water front, two miles long and half a mile wide, which is one of the largest “chemical contamination” which sickens our water supply with mercury, and sickens us with a side effect of mercury poison; depression.
the Coal Trains are just a new part of bellingham’s contamination and these people chained themselves to each other in a big puppy pile on top of the tracks stopping trains for five hours. on the OCCUPY THE POrts day.
but i am tired of talking and must sleep, i will or will not.go tomorrow.
I want to talk better but can not. Frustration at the history of the last fifty years buzz my head. but i have only lived as an adult through the most recent,, that time of the lies with wmd, the stealing of governmental contracts and the persuits of death and American domination surrounding the last eleven years , the issues of guarding foreign gas pipelines and dieing for corporate oil profits from an Oil based President. And even before that when they were getting ready, and Environ-ing us, OK ing us, S and L ing us and when we started to talk about the WTO to much;
Such that within the next year Bush decides to read; to kindergarden kids(who were told not to make fun of the President) .
ii have talked to much again, one last thingy,, if government is meant to be just a tax collector for the reason of policing and authorizing law of one over the other without regard to true justice as a common man would understand life and liberty and a global awareness education,starting with mediation and ending with raw food farming and New zoning laws of solar energy on all new buildings large and small then , Then i would say get out ,, and we would protect ourselves, we would make friends , not hid agendas, but we would have to explain ourselves to other, to give the whole picture and not just the slow “conspiratorial planning”, (which i would guess at as being World Domination For world government Through the recognition of Aliens and which leads to a common sense of Metaphysical Unity.
, a yea , “what he said”

the wind in washington has blown in a window. flying glass and pushed over plants, relieving boredom of a box never seeing mess, the correct house built for natures control.. no it is against nature that most housing is built,, Unaccepted of the shelterlessness of animals. It is something to loose, Our animal. animals are intuitive. animals know how to please themselves and only remember through body twitches, like a cat that automatically winces when a hand comes to pet them, but you know they have never been hit in thirty years. it just remembers.
the window crashed to the floor onto a carpet, it was old and the owners of the window ,of the square building are home asleep, a renter has no say in the land he occupies, no say to the quality of the windows, the clearness of the glass, it is someone else’s , and only cleanliness can the renter claim, and self decision to be here,or to leave,or to be housed, at all, it doesn’t seem a choice, as in humans are to big to burrow. but have in the past, in a past where every bit of land wasn’t bought up , by some investor and “ran” by “management”,, who are really to blame for the hatred, for the low quality of the pane of glass that broke, caused by improper glazing. the middle managers who perform no task as the Marx guy said.
the renter could have taken care of it. but was told not to.. its someones job. the Managers.. funny how a majority of our economy is people that tell and represent money, yet are uselessly earning a living. those same people get paid more than a construction worker who breaks his back to do things.. and yet has noting to retire on. the Lazy rich are: because they are ?smart? because they are greedy,, the most useless of people educated with a business degree.. while the lazy push around large sums of money, and laugh that the window broke. from some other country or from some other class consciousness, who’s houses have the latest windows, double pained.
Guilt is one. destruction of others, of planet is two.
Renters are trained to not care, Trained to blame. like the religions that say it is god’s fault and leave the rich out of it.. God’s were invented to protect the rich, or we would have killed them long ago.
I shouldn’t complain, i didn’t fix the window. Didn’t create the glass. Didn’t support the renter when he asked to be recognized, in fact it had nothing to do with me,, as i am the trillions who expect love and never get to see the glass as something we create instead of just looking through. Break it and let in the nature we are. the hope our organizations mean represent.. oh wait .. first the training would have to be faced,, the ideals that float through the pain.. like the prejudices we get like osmosis, i don’t know why i am writing this. the looking glass i guess, the point of procedure, the glass was broken and i cheer but alone on a road living in a car. where you sleep and nothing more. the rest is nature , the wind is freedom, the tears are quiet rain, the pain of sight, is hope of seeing , telling, knowing. we can not protect ourselves from nature. the fact that we try leaves what we call blame in place. systems ,, misunderstanding.
when the window broke i was standing there. i was outside, i was the cause with a hammer, I just wanted to wake up.

and welcome the morning. with a world changing in front of us, when did we become so afraid as to not trust our system.. when we needed separate laws to convict “terrorist” when was that separate from crime. but that is not what i wanted to talk about. it is of loneliness and self criticism i wanted to talk. With a cat in my lap and coffee by my side.. but love has run to let me think on my own. the empty chair besides me remembers more the laughter and partnership felt with one gone. So the chairs sit empty. and the heart knows why.
It has been awhile since i have had such a complaint. for as we have space to do what we want we find a disconnection to the rest of society, and left to our own to have invisible worlds and more lonely lives. Reaching out to know through a screen. Well bordered and without sence of touch smell , all visual, preplanned nonreactive. Even the sounds are planned and who couldn’t fall in love given the right sound track. this meaning of private Property is used agaisnt us.