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Monthly Archives: August 2012

To coffee , to listen,
the “how are you?”
to invented replies,
Favorite director
. Exotic beauty
in white tight strippers body.

Move to sit; again. the same corner
Wearing sandals , Roman straps,
toenails splintering, cracking,
of when cut, white dust
in cracked dried skin ,
a summer in sandals.
Heat awoken,
ten thirty or so,
the movie like dreams
to much television,
old word for videos
with advertising.
Morning pen interests
short women,
twice already,
broken human sex
looked at breasts,
caught once.
pounding cement,
cars passing “hello”
into cell uler device,
not to me.
a breif horn,
“ the car is locked”
steady traffic , seagulls
call repetitive,
Exotic beautiful walks away
with ?mother? a dog leading
uncertain which way it is allowed,
a short leash.
See: bikes , father
is front, “come on”
crossing an intersection
“I know” the high voice
dull soft tires on street sound.
Half a mile away
a train blows
for intersections
even at three am .
impossible to sleep
if you are on a close street
until the fiftieth time.
car doors slam,
a tractor trailer holds
on a hill then goes,
slow gear shift shift,
plodding up the hill.
A city silence is all this
and smell. the mini van
with a fuel leak
you can make out when it pulls up.
Rock music blaring, shuts off.
Shoulder length hair
cut off button down shirt
gone sleeves, bum style,
a rampant scissor
or a knife.
open and close
coffee house doors,
the hot liquid in another hand ,
toxic awakening the death
when given to spiders,
which humans use hourly
so commanded to faster
thoughts out speeding forgotten lives,
turn to or turn off.
the students are coming back,
more clean pickups in
Washington state to go
into the hills of private unpaved
lots where parties scream
into the tall saved trees,
from battery powered light shows.
A light wind ,
the cluster of leaves
from the trees placed
by landscapers intrinsic values
on a presentation board
long ago. Some starting
to be covered by furry moss
up high where strangers
hands can not touch them.
I sit breathing in / out
the heart pounds while
i tempt it to deal
with more spider poison
and carbon emition ,
little burning sticks
with sights of first loves
extra chemicals the lovers
i will never have ,
gone from not saying hello,
gone from age,
gone from sitting ,
what use I put out, watching plants grow.

Are you gone?

Are you gone?
Is one missing,
From side and line
Talk and touch
All as energy
Spirit, tide blessings with water,
Salt, secretion,
Can not be dryed of
Mixed of chemistry
All ever of us

You might not call
But opening in
Open torch can not
Be reversed, as path
Completes lights knowledge
Proof loves residue reason rhythm,
Which never goes away
Adding what life accomplished
for when life’s converge
Each butterfly changes winds
Pushing tumbling over the breeze,
Enough our over feeding
Consumed by and on my tongue
Every sigh, .
In each movement,