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Monthly Archives: October 2012

oct31 /12
     a giant is running from just behind a bookshelf,Image he is clad in all the gold that can be, his jacket is gold. his sword is gold.  he , or she is a goblin or some such thing, with green head and pointy ears, a large mouth , dark green lips, which are snarling.  His sword is raised, and i run, me and Andy, who is wearing normal street clothing, we run into a hole in the book shelf where a book is gone, . the other side of the whole is another large room with the same large bookshelves , but there are floors and little tables every where, like the book shelves are giant size and the floors are where ever shelf is, for little people seeming we are the little people and everyone one, and there are hundreds or thousands, are sitting at tables, playing little picture games on the books in front of each one.
    Andy says “Watch this”
     As he goes again through the whole. I follow ,though surprised he would go back to where the giants are. There were really two ,i almost saw the second one just as we went into the whole.  Andy , he is a friend who died not but three or four month ago, runs through the whole on the other side, and then changes, he grows, the size of the giants, his clothing changes and he is all dressed in silver with a huge silver shield , boot, cloak, and swings a mighty sword at the golden green goblins, or what ever, two swipes and he runs back to the whole. and changes back just before the entrance, on the giants side. he is smiling and laughing,
     “the goblins cant get through you know.”
     then we go out the other side, his huge smile is all i can put together for a second beyond the shock of seeing my friend who is supposed to be dead, laughing and pointing to the rest of the people sitting at the tables.
    “ I have figured out what they are doing really yet. . i have been here for a couple of what seem like minutes. but extend, like i have been down there, and watch them sitting in front of their books , the pictures keep changing and they say things sometimes, asking question usually , some make commands, but then they get frustrated like nothing seems to work and i guess they are working out some weird puzzle. but i  never get hungry or thirsty, or bored.”
     Now we walk among the tables. and yes each has a book with black and white pictures appearing in really fast changes, people ask weird questions of the books and the books change, one women says,
     “Tumbling is legal and purple for today i can feel it? “
     then another says, “Of the lst part i don’t know but the next is made of ivory?” Each statement ,in question form, creates another question and on they go, all chattering away like that, but it is silent , and the voices are only heard in our heads Andy says, i can’t know, I hear the chatter, then Andy says “blink your eyes, five times quickly” , and i do and every thing quiets, well the voices quit , you can still hear people turning pages, or fidgeting in their seats, some people get up and are having conversations which are soundless to . i blink five times again. and i can hear them talking a group of five standing around one women , her long hair and stately posture says she is different from the rest as they ask her questions, and some get answers and leave but still it is those interesting question, nothing you could answer,
     “when i turn the left screw the right one moves, how can i get it to stay green?” or “ photo plasm of the egg seems to begin when humidity stops, can i tell what will happen when i raise the temperature to quantum five?”
     Nothing really makes sense, so i again blink five times and Andy taps me on the shoulder, his mouth is moving but i cannot hear, him, i think he is saying “blink five times.” i do so, and then i hear just him. his hand is on my shoulder while i blink . He says
    “i still haven’t worked out anything here. except one thing. if i have my hand on your shoulder i can talk to you. even if you have blinked five times.”
    then he removed his hand and i could still hear him. so i guess a connection comes after a while, Andy puts his hand on my shoulder again and says the words and i hear them.
     “blink five times”
     “Andy i can hear you.”
    “oh” he says “i thought it only worked with my hand on your shoulder, i don’t know. i have only been able to talk to you and that one with the long hair since i got here, and it took a while to touch her long enough to make the connection. she told me i had to touch her to make the connection , and then the crowd around her got bizzy and i haven’t been able to ask a question since. but i did find out something else. it should happen soon. A bell will ring and …”
just as he said that a huge loud bell tolled. and some of the people ran to get in line at the end of the book selves, Andy grabbed my arm hurriedly, “come on let me show you. this is more help than i got. “ and we ran after the crowd which had formed a line, once we were closer because it was a long line, we came to a set of lockers. small lockers, like in a school , all neatly in a row. but one was open, and all the people were lined up to it. they would pull money from their pockets, and put their hands into the locker, and the locker, sometimes said stuff which we couldn’t hear but saw the knoding heads of the receivers, some time people pulled out more money , when we finally got up close. Andy pushed me ahead of him, and inside was a sheet of fine golden cloth stretch on the back of the locker, and a set of red lips, which you could hear, which just said “place money here”, i reached into my pocket and found coins, i didn’t know i had, i pulled them out into my palm and examined them, one was a five dollar bill all folded up and looked like it had been washed such that it was all pressed together into a triangle kind of shape. but i pulled out a dollar being four quarters, and moved to place them into the mouth, the mouth took the coins and smiled, and said “more”  and i did give it more until some words appeared above it, which said in red letters, “ Next! come back later. “
    ______ i woke up______
    a theater is a fine place to understand the nature of economics. it has seats and each of the seats must be filled to have the theater make the profits it needs to maintain the theater, empty seats are empty profits. now there could be new usages of a theater, this is one idea. with the advent of apps and interactivity of computers, especially phones. why couldn’t the theater be an open war grounds, with a larger screen being the general area for the main game, say a theater hold one hundred people each person pays the normal ten dollars to get in. then, as each would have the app. to play the theater’s game, they play the game interactively within the theater. you can see your opponents, and everyone plays until the theater is empty.