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Monthly Archives: November 2012

It is Thanksgiving like that in it’s self means anything. I do not lend a grace to one meal which forecasted how evil the white man’s politics could be to sit at a table in Plymouth Massachusetts one day , a meal which was saving the lives of the whites , only to have the next be a slaughter and slow genocide which took over a hundred years. It is not that, that i would call a holiday but there is a protest in Plymouth every year to state that point.
I would rather think like the “norm” the Acceptance of an ideal without history. like the concept of world peace or God, and choose to accept this day for the backward morality that inspires it, Consumerism, No wait not that one. Commercialism, no not that one either , the true equalization or acceptance of a new president, once again No. I choose to see the day as thanks giving. as giving thanks, the “thank you for not blowing up the world , the thank you for warms day and drought condition, for viruses that cannot be cured for all the antibiotics fed to caged turkeys or the trictophain that replaces my need for sedatives, if only for one day. Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be the federal symbol. in the long run he couldn’t of been more right.
A year ago , huddled in our tents at the Occupy we came out to delivered turkey’s ,all fresh and warm. We were the new citizens in the land of corporate wanta-be’s and against the wind which had ravaged the winter revolt and  set up the Arab spring , we ate with the drunks and felt homeless, alone if only in reverse to the community surrounding us; that would leave after the meal. A moment to say we are at peace. While the revolution was almost over and in our hearts would never die. It took twenty years to come to these winter camps and inner city blockades.
it is the thanks given to a moment of idealism, of the hope for perfection which someday will be. or is it the hope against the totalitarian fascist corporate system for which provides our moment of peace, celebrate in most American homes, the ones with family , the ones with jobs, the ones thankful for a crust to share after the mortgage, after the credit card bills. no forget all that ,One day of thank-full-ness,  just one , then tomorrow we will feel the guilt of Christmas . the pain of a subconscious reminder of how little we have to give . how little we are able to materially give our love. which starts with Black friday. where nothing will be done for one month, such to complete the turkey hangover.
I have fallen off point . I am sorry, the pure ink pen i love goes its own direction and forgets to create point, Loving as i do its delicate flow ,and  it’s unnecessary retention, i am thank ful for my pen to balance the insanity normalcy creates.

You might not know I go to therapy. Therapy is when you relook at all your experiences. Re see how your tendency to think and feel leans one way or another by a constant meal of body emotional memory. You look at the present and compare events of the past. Or maybe this is a “how to” of therapy.
     Little things come together in you mind. You make emotional connection and with the help of someone to listen, you try and create emotion memories which countre what ever is hurting you. Maybe i am highly evolved in this because i feel I have never stopped thinking along these lines. I have cured negativity with a little orange ball. I have cured lack of drive by accepting life is a fantasy to live. Namely i am as self aware as I can be with the information i have. I still go every week feeling i have no one to talk to for whom it is just about me, it gives me some peace and inner strength. It is yet a battle because the subconscious takes a long time to change. I compare the conscious mind to a plant growing. to mend anything to quickly will destroy it and make the information useless, Emotions grow like the status quo.
     My point in writing today isn’t to talk of me. but more to point out how the slanted media tried to make this election closer or even portray how the Republican should vote.
     Even talking about how “their” candidate was winning, It is like me listening to the emotions streaming from my long dead step father. Who told me how stupid I was . How I couldn’t do anything and then at ten years old I beat him with a Fool’s mate in chess. ( a three move check mate) He beat me physically for at least ten minutes to and hour and made me stand on my head in the corner, a favorite of his small disciplines, His reasoning, while he yelled and hit me was I should do better at school. I thought it was just a game I didn’t know I was playing for my life.
     It is what I remember when listening to Fox new or CNN or even ABC now. I hear how every word is carefully scripted by slanted people. or is it smart people invested in the corporate agenda of world control?
     the self satisfying reasoning of the appearance that we , as the abused voters, are to consume for our own sin. To change how we commonly feel as we see the pains walking down the street. I guess these writers don’t walk the streets or when they do they are texting their next great idea to smart people and claim a physical reward because no matter what i say they get a treat from the over lords for producing a slanderous legalized truth. Opinion published as news. Liable and straight out lies to feed the corporate mentality just like my step father. Slanted one sided and abusive.
    Once proven wrong they will contend only how right they were. We are going to hear about how “ what’s his name” is the poor abused person. The election is over so we will hear about how Obama lied and how Obama cheated. we will hear about the money Obama spent if we watch those sources.
     and I will still be going to therapy because i cant find a job. But for all the talk about how it is Obama’s fault I think it is the economic culture which calls me to old to be a roofer because of insurance. Which doesn’t understand that i need to take off time to understand my emotional health after working seventy hours a weed for two years as a cabdriver. Namely that i didn’t do well in school and just wanted to go play , wanted freedom over a mortgaged system of education which just leads to slavery of a specialized job, which leads to consuming the unreasonableness of a boss, of my step father or the republican media.
     It is only the unemployed who can afford truth and only the abused who will speak of it.
     This election has been a win because of you. You the Occupy movement You that got arrested, you the ten thousand who blocked the George Washington bridge. but you that could see a problem like our economy takes years to fix. Eight years of Bush 2 was a coup-de-ta to the tune of 1.5 trillion dollars put into the overlords hands just for him to tell us we are wrong to want a house, a job. We are wrong to want standards of schooling and welfare, that we are wrong because we don’t work as hard as a investment banker.
     This is an Occupy win. but even that will be forgotten. because the IMF and the World Bank don’t get elected. Because British Petroleum Shell Exxon are not elected, but they effect us and the world while they will still scream “jobs” when they mean fracking, They will scream jobs when they mean deforesting the earth, Wrecking the north pole, GMO’s in our food. Hell they will scream jobs as they lock you up for screaming “Stop the corporate Police state” and at the end of the day History will remember only who writes it.
    And that does mean little blogs like this one, or does it but I know together we make history.
     I envision a government created for peace and Equality in a Democratic consciousness is an acknowledgement of Environment as a consciousness for the all.  I feel there fore i am.

 Finish to Presidential acceptance speech.
     (comes back from smoking a cigarette with all the other smokers from the crowd. People sit down and quiet down)
     Ladies and Gentleman , Again thank you for staying with me for a second of rest to share the respect of a moment , To inhale the possession of mystic reverence. To have patience enough to wait for me, and to let all i have said sink in.
     Now we start again. I stand and you listen. So lets tell of the future we will create.
    Number one We, the American people with me as your Representative, will provide a Governmental Mortgage Loan program which will effectively Bail out home owners, by giving out mortgages thought a refinancing at lower rates, and buying foreclosed homes. But we are going to take this a step further, for now we are going to “refit” all acquired housing, all “bankrupt houses for sale through the government will be the new home model. Complete with renewable sustainable self contained energy systems. In order to kick this off . we will start a contest for best off grid housing plans with a prize of one million dollars. Which starts right now, so get your pens.
    There will be a new office of the vice presidency in charge of communications with the peoples progress in this matter. In other words all entries will be sent directly to our offices and you will be contacted by the vice president. this will be an open exchange policy and everyone is invited to send us ideas, on this or any other matter.
     Two We will provide tax rebates once again to anyone who refits their home with energy systems, because the government can not do everything but all we need to approach Energy waste , Our new systems will be the greatest in the world and will sell world wide after we prove them.
     I even had an idea that communities would support each other and start a fund of say a block worth of houses, and slowly refit them all. with the tax incentives and refits for all in that block. which follows United we stand, and community from that will grow.
     A side product of this will be new and expanded businesses. I know there are small business waiting for this and i heard them asking for their turn and they have been waiting patiently. And it will be done.  
    Next we will create a new tax on the oil corporations profits this tax will be used to fund clean up operations and take away all ceilings to the amount they must pay back in the event of a new Oil spill. this money will be invested into patients and research such that we together will end the need for fossil fuels.
     We, the people, will also create a new Patient type called the Protected Patient which will be a non profit status for all life progressing and protecting, new technology. No longer will corporations be able to hid away a patient and retard the interest of the people! the government will get first rights to all Patients thought this Law.
     Next , As Democracy demands, We must have a form of Free schooling, And this will be done, by the methods of Buckminister Fuller, and the public media each city has ,as promised by the community television Law and the internet. Every two years all lectures in colleges ,through out the land, will be video taped and testing systems will be put in place to guarantee the rights of each citizen to college level education if they so want it.
     This will also mean that brighter students will be able to start earlier and not get bored by the slow pace of public schooling. We will uphold the promise of America having the smartest public and our voice will further lead the world.
     Just through these programs we will change the world, get people back to work , create a new good will though out the globe and be again, not a corporate entity of greed through capitalism but a documented supporter of the democratic way and the way of all Free people. We will also create a new Federal Voting Holiday.
     But something has got to give. so in order to pay for all this, there will be a new tax imposed on Lobbying groups , all money exchanged will be tax at twenty five percent on the dollar. And on a 600 million dollar industry, just that is over one hundred million dollars. this will also keep a public record of such money and  keep expanding the public programs we as a government can provide.
     All this will be done in the name of the people. but that is not all we will do. We will go through our governmental expenditures for all ways our governmental debt can be reduced.. Like Producing our own money, and eliminating the Federal Exchange which is a private company ran by the banking elite. We will Pay off the debt, and create a stronger union between private and the public good. YOU will feel that you ,the people, know we live in a better America. You will again Trust government and the vision WE have for a global peace inspired by the systematic response you feel and see at home. You will no longer have to worry for your children’s future over the air we breath or the chemicals in our food.
    Oh wait, (presidential laugh)  I forgot to mention the New FDA standards for Grades of food. Grade A of the new standard will be totally organic with Raw organic being made Grade A plus. All food will be marked by what grade it is.  Lower grade products, high sugar content or preservatives foods will be marked as such and All gmo foods will be listed and labeled as such.
     These are all forward notions of a technological democracy. and they revolve around you and me , through the concept of an Equality for all.
    These new Laws and policies insure the liberty of mind, health and the freedom to pursue said goals.
    A freedom that has been taken away through deceptive labeling and corporate lobbying. Democracy demands that we are the smartest healthiest people in the world that we are informed such that one person can vote and live with all the information that matters.
     Thank you for your time once again, and remember we suffer government for a reason, to insure the peace of all.
     Thank you for electing me President and pay attention.  For i can not do this without you. Call your Senator! Call your Representative! Keep them on speed dial and stay on top of the issues that will arise, Make them know your voice like you have by electing me..
     Thank you.. Peace out!!
    (President waves and walks off the stage)  
    (a gunshot rings out)

Obama’s address to the people on accepting the Presidency

(walks to the stage) (cheers flash bulbs)
Ladies and Gentleman Thank you.
Thank you for again electing me to be the leader of this great nation. I guess we all knew no god damn Morman , who pretended to be from that Yankee state of New England, that same state that has presented a candidate in five of the last six presidential elections, was ever going to be elected.
I am the one the money wants because if you have to to have someone to cure a problem , which is only a problem if we consider Mr and misses average , you who breath and eat.

The money likes me because i am reaching out to make sure Bush era planning is going on schedule. But notice it is with your approval! Romney is the poster boy for what an evil American looks like. Someone so agenda driven, he would look you in the eye and says your government has no purpose but to insure the terror rights of the one percent.
So you voted for me, because you know the government is in the hands of the corporate extremist and the president has some responsibility, though not much without a congress, without a supreme court having some caring for all of its people. You know Republicans are only of one party , a party owned by the Koch brothers and that Israeli newspaper and casino guy. A broken party who cherishes the money to such a degree that they have members who disavow the theory of Evolution and environmental problems just to get elected.  the same people who see Fracking and further deregulation as the answer. Namely a party of ignorant, prejudice money parasites which smiled all the way to collecting 1.4 trillion dollars of trickle down cash, while saying , no, screaming “no new taxes” and “smaller government” this same party responsible for lying about W.M.D’s to get us into the Iraq war and sponsoring the Drug trade to pay for other wars we were not even in, The party who fought for deregulating banking, while you see, no , feel , the results.
So you elected me because we as Americans suffer and at least I pretend to listen. While I look across the aisle at biggots , who would rather burn a cross in my yard than look at me and I am President.
So in this first speech of my second term, Let me tell you what is really going on. I have been strong armed by private government since I came into office. I was forced to keep cabinet officials from the Bush years. I have had to sign bills I didn’t like. Like the extension of the Bush tax cuts, and the banking reform laws, in order to get other things like the Pay off to the insurance Gaints with Obamacare, which is basically a pay off that the insurance community doesn’t start a conversation about the banking community stealing wealth, or the Oil community stealing wealth from the American people. Where do you think the borrowed money goes to? When we borrow to pay for a war , that money goes straight to private and public American companies and then if its really a lot then the money goes into off shore non taxable “trust funds” or right back to lobbying efforts, which is a billion dollar industry, it cost money to buy senators, representatives and the like to keep this “government running”
And after all that you still have no voice because i really have no voice. and you elect me because the other guy , even though he lied straight at you, couldn’t get you to believe his dedication to all Americans and not just those who are left with some money , that isn’t in bed with big money already.  He couldn’t get you to believe he would care about anyone who wasn’t “buddy upping” to him and the two thousand rich freaks like him. He couldn’t get you to believe his lies.
the Election managed to not talk about the Morman elder. not the mormans aversion to “colors” or their god who lives on planet something or other. The same religion Jerry Falwell called an Evil religion for many year until just before the election started.
but all that aside you elected me because I have tried to do things. tried to make your life better, but have been working against the laws put in place by the Bush years. Who created Laws against your interest while telling you it was for your interest. Laws that are still around today, Supreme Court seats that are still around today. You need me to present the point that we will not go quietly away, that American is the home of the free because we are able to see when the home is intoxicated by the wealthy and will fight to keep it the land of hope.
thank you for , once again, seeing the truth.
I was going to make this a longer speech, but i ran into a welfare mother who voted for the Morman, and i had to have a moment to wonder how the ignorant reproduce so easily. how people could be so stupid than bite the hand that feeds them. and for a second i just gave up and let the world wash over me, and just smoke a cigarette.
Tomorrow i go back to work, but i just need a day of rest, thank you again for your vote. Later yo’s


November 4th Sunday
Wake. Follow morning thoughts, left over dreams,regards to the day next and me, you, and all. The election is two days away and all I will say is that government of money for money is evil.
Money; which doesn’t feel, which rules people into slavery , which destroys civil rights , which longs only for more money is Evil.
The American system is attacked by money. Senators and Representatives create welfare called “influence” and the spoken voice needs dollar signs to be heard. And yet the common voice is heard, when we sleep or when we pain over a future in a common concern; plainly when we love life. The present revolves around a false security which resides in bank accounts and is then of No account.
I write this as a last will of a person. A last will until two more years come again beyond our grasp. so much is done while we scrabble for shelter from floods drought chemicals in food, radiation from cell phones, microwaves which I suspect of much more without proof. We are all so weary and sick we have not time to think, and are told our thoughts by advertisements, layered everywhere to remind us how we should respond and to what issues. . But then i have been thought filled about pre-theory all my life.
Thoughts which change reality and guard my soul. Thoughts like the science of spiritual energy, for which now i can refer you to quantum physics and movies like “what the bleep do we know”. I can refer you to conversations between Jung and Einstein, to Buddhism and eastern understandings. Thought which start with a simple reminder that we are a large percent water and the death high of alcohol. Thought which go on to prejudices created by sexual morals, and a subverted animal nature , which can only be understood by years of reversing sexual bigotry and personal enlightenment. A spirit has no sex and will not be repressed. A spirit lives from schoras highs and lows.
Thought like these have lead my life, I pay attention to environment and look to change it as much as myself. Yet i can do little about the culture of evil in money except to publish thoughts , the world thought that passes through me, It is the importance of the wind.
If you can not understand the way money changes the future. You haven’t noticed how a new car can get sixty four miles to a gallon of gas, Or that solar car races began more than ten years ago. You also forget the electric trains which are right in front of you as being proof of the electric car technology corporations stopped in the 1950’s. You have forgotten that progress must come with a one hundred to five hundred percent mark up or they wont be sold and the progress of mankind will be applied only to entertainment unless forced by government. Even while progressive patients are held back because the future world has already been invented.
Money and the personal freedom of greed rule if we let them. The avarice of lobby groups are shaping the world. Billionaires hid behind trust funds so we can not personally blame individuals and they are “free” to wreak the system to their own advantage.
In the days leading from the Bush tax cuts more than a trillion dollars has been saved by the riches people. We gave them a break on taxes and they saved that money, took it out of the economy and only spent money to save more money. Deregulate more, crash the housing market, the oil market, deforest more and insure governments couldn’t respond by fostering upon them more debt.
Such that you buy security more than harmony. You look at your material worth more than a planning for the air , the water, the soul. For we are creations of environment. Our children run to what they can control in escape. Drugs or video games such that the common emotional response is not seen , is not pained over. and so they become as cold as success demands, The alpha’s have no soul.
I write a small letter to the universal mind. We are our environments. Our future makes us cure what harm our laws have done under the money politics of corporate Nature. We must see a world of scientific spiritualism. or we will be few and fewer who see at all. In this election please Occupy your Mind.