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Monthly Archives: April 2013

     the phrases of ones life are spelled out to them. them alone and there is not exterior understandings which can settle life for another. So left to our own understands we eventually give up trying to understand. and clear is the understanding we didn’t want to see, it was to hard it was so intuitional it reminded one of feeling. Reminded becuase of the techonological analzes of spirit.. emotions are secondary to the limitless never , seen through astral travel,, or schorka experiences.. namely ,, the now ,,outwieghs then . a someday
    a goal.
    releivances to body state,, history emtions narrow our understanding.. such that we are forced to know them,, first.. and yet.. most dont.. becuase the consciousness of Belief is larger than a conscious of the know.. becaseu we can not handle the blantantly obvious.. to large meaning ful.. lol.. when it is ony feeling. at its base wthout the hindracnes of a someday,, or emotionally learned self belief I e.. history.
     when the now changes ,
    it is logical,  holitsic, well temperanced.
     as well as historic ,, emtionalness.. the focus of faith. and the devotion of religions. but as a natural function a sence of faith, metaphysical love.. energy and causation.
     most would agree on the useless to the single person.. so masses must admit the simplicity for any thing to happen globally.. a rule one. in a maze of captiolisms.  

    and empty pose
    assorted to an individual
    haunt , endless notorious
    self scrifice.
    or to know you must die.
     if to survive
    on what level
    where is important but self sight?
    what reads
    pains in progress
    and as long as
    they are not right here.
    here repreating of words.
    for onlysfour letter word
     celebrates all what moves.
    but know one is pain need to be described,
    so inherent of visions. one day we are older
    crying trying
    wondering what life
    aswers we lived
    to bad the wrong way
    but yet was the only way we arenot loverant of mistakes fomaliies forever
    a live must represt
    but no one is pain need to Be described
    so inhereent of vision. Give yourself Reason
     They = I wish
    I could deal
    with the seperation
    betwen ,
    they represennt mother
    brother , spouce
    they corporate dreamers
    oour lives int he hands are nothing grants
    self develpment beyond clostered controling
    body system
    convert is easy
offer until they get it,
    but to it constantly