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Monthly Archives: June 2013

the artist kada

the chart by kada ink pen on “thin wood”

to call a minute home.

To fill every page
writing like speaking
through amber windows glass behind viewer
I would to reacall
a why for which
youth aked,
when youth knew.
so flet and obivious
which fails me like memory
as age decends.
i am filled with
in the Age of Feeling
for once was and yet remains , lived less
as dreams supported some yesterday
hold no shelter now. a guessed romance
a story with character
where is; “ever after”
Supported , trusted weary
calmly professioned
money stablity togetherness
a vision whole.
It Age of Man knows
feeling cast away
like a weakness,
the rotted beams
instead of the cycle
of light. store bought arguements
explained tunnel vision
and a why for blinders legality.
invested neutrality
for what you do to me.
age of man limites an age of feeling
of Acceptance, Mutuality.
screaming illrelevance
of common sence
in spite of thee.
governments should have goals
coonly held as love and freedom.
of wieghed whole of a one.
if i can think it
it is of all.
where romance the lived dream
fantasy lifestyle need
understood itemized inclusions
when life style leaves for law
lust love liberty
lapsing limited limmerics
with lecturious learning
leering learning
love liberty longingly level law
liboratiors lead
linearly leaning love for law liberty
legitimte longings
I can reason like excuses
Until i feel and know more
knowing mooring
living light lanes.
spirals to limitlessness
living fantasy in liquid
oh bio pilot.
You see I write like i am talking to you , reader
like i can accknoledge we are having a conversation through concentations culture
but more and more you speak little. locked passive
where you would once
explain. now you sit and enjoy
where once you would touch
now you type. Teaching temporance talents
a ches game in smaller reactions
exact locations
when you are in know where sold
eggects self denial engendared solitude
only hearing voices passing.
waht are we , but often seconds
of expalinations told
with itemized emotions
communicated minute, If i told you I cry
you say i live
Age of feelings
so deported
from the age of man.
where common sence is an explaination.

___after this date__________________
    i would to remember there is audience, my so many subscribers hanging off in space without attention you will go away, but then how much is worth a subscription for free, how much is guilt and how much is pain worth for not speaking. lived Driven.
     and yet i would force feed the dialogue, grazing from importance to a common determined survival of spiritualness in technology, I would yet only be able to tell of self. the breaking of what is to what has been, and what ultimately is and has been. Truth is what never leaves, Nature is what never leaves. of self there is a determined voice I felt. It is only of me to tell my own insanities, though if all was put to test it would be more. the science of a metaphysical nature more than anything else that lead me to ghosts. to waves and energies, to holistic mental meditations, a sorted brain that reaches with ,, I think the government has to take over the production of solar panels,, a world (we) unity around a clean energy souse.. well as clean as the smelting of polysilcon will let it . what a gasly smell. warm liquid sand partials plastic-ised.. but  i believe all of the middle east should become a green house,, and the imf should collect taxes.. oh no i got that wrong the World government bank thingy,,and save the rest of the Amazon as a Global Preserve,, the first in the global preserve system. oh yea,, creating new zoning laws making solar panels mandatory with tax write-offs,, buy raising electric rates? ALL Business zoned structures..with only Residential exemption to be allowed as in what manor of “free energy” used. reacting for a buy back system that will out produce electrical structures,, nuclear power and coal. but having the solar banks on every building. this also would reduce the fear of living next to a terrorist target decentralizing power.
    and then we come back to the first argument,, to rule self is a powerful thing, but rule one slices and takes what one needs and cast aside the rest,, but then ,, the layers built , and removed, are only versions of life. Each subject to observation.
     rule one.. there is no rules
    rule two.. all action could lead to personal clues to ones path..
     rule a,, ghost are real, aliens are real, corporate world domination is real.. you are infinite, as a conscious and even if that is mute, you will never understand how close to light you are, and yet you will. and pretend it is a new thing.

       You ..


you becomes a smallness cry in a room ,

as much as a lonely road hitchhiking,

as much as all the other roads,

and possessions physical creates as the path moves. but it is the path which is knowledge ,,and  it is the reminder that you like crackers.
      touchs , taken or torn, tortured or tempting,
     self envisioned essences of shcrokra,, out body lands, and astral innocents. a place of being then choice is only to feel or not. so you go and drink and forget the sins, your emotions become soap bubbles and fine glass you can not touch for fear of yourself. for feeling at all.
     your fault , you loved again.