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Monthly Archives: September 2013

bob was a dog.. and there we have it

 September 12th. 2013 the days go by like i can keep up but really i can not.  So many inspiration and so little time and yet, all is time enacted and devoured; consumed, Life is loves enaction.. if we feel apart of something we do less for what we are not apart of.. as one looses to another..
  the internet is such. Thre model of the true character is marked by only one thing for me.. real action. ..
  a derpessive dream, but where for the depression.. do people , can people learn to much , and the is alsos consuption.
  knowledge a two edge sword,,
  (consumptive games,movies, our converstaion being showed such avertisments we become of the “to us a freinds words,, “the sold Fantasy within the creative physical conversations we still refuse to have as a world body,, The Emotional Impact of World Responciblity And Vibrational Mental Health.
   it is a funny thought, because as i look it all changes, Waiting in some quiet part of the mind is a perception.  Waiting for reality to align such that all is just the dream remembering nature, until realized.  
 this is a new computer and i like (and don’t)  its automatic responces.  the internet is some where behind a button.. some where just out of reach ,, the internet stopped people from publushing real magazines for the price of paper. But the disposable cost of knowledge seems its premeir problem. For just think a thousand hours of mankind erased with one mean mind or just a mistake.  The swipe of the arm on a cup of coffee and all is gone All of you
the writer being tricked to use,, Maganectic surfaces, I would preferr writing with buildings. as i soaked my  construction into its magci also..
  Watch the nail gooing in giveing the sprit to a set of spierits joined , frams and wall and key whole..
  . What was, is no longer. and you can not share the facts of time and tide with another. a humanity is lost for the suppression . So devious, for true knowledge is permanent. Who controls the spread of knowledge control history, funny that, with rumors already of electrol magnetic devises,, electro magnatic pulses,, they clear hard drives.
So if you are serious about anything make more paper work,, Likeing to think of the before paper time, where it was buildings as books.
 what would our work read,, sheer surfaces, all.
   Of course Masons
 had to go “see
with an emblem
 of the maze. ..
“they didn’t know” .
they didn’t say..  
   the words of reign.

 and funny how we respect the “knowledgeable people” in this age of reason as motivation to economic devises only,   And ourselves, a hindrance, our emtional sight an opinion of what we see and not, what we see.. like it can be changed, that a “plant” becomes its definition over all and not the many greens that accompany a leaf. we are constantly thrust back and forth between what we are and we must be. remain on either side and you are either a humanist or linear.. one will  never fulfil the cravings of society. one is the water the other growths. I have been and will always, work on the water.
I care not for schedules or “must do” stuff..
for where is the crying to equal
the tortured,truamaticed
what crying equals,
the unknown.
such that stepping into place besides some sobering thought , projects answers,, our bio electrical thoughts giving to humanistic tendancies,, a one world feeling. and energy concern,, i will not be good ,, happy until m, my projnect for the future once agin leads,,
  the mind a child to care about,, for desperation produces, global realization of the white winter deformity,, we know what’s write takes from what is wrong. a million books on crayons.  

ok.. so i have been off line, a rare world where people talk thorugh you dont like what they say all the time,, off line is diverse and scary but real and sorted  like here a person is,, a whole website with video and reactionary accounts of buying a toaster as well as comentary on poitics or what ever you say to it.. yes it has voice recognition and changes for who ever is infront of it.. the whole site becomes something different,, you can watch it change,, here it is handling a buisness action, here, a romatic one, here it just sees a person wanting a cigerettes,, and it gets harsh and casts off the exchange, it is reactive.. and so special. you might have one aside of you there. go ahead and say hello to it..notice the reaction time, weigh that agains the amount of social media it is consuming,, or myabe there is so much traffic going on that you cant see, but the site or ( person) looks at you and so much is said that you want to stop time just to understand the picture, you try and press pause but,, you are off line, and all it alive.

  so i have been hacked to death with the enertialcall.. so once agian i will be rebuilding.. and stay tuned,, i will and am writing much lately..  oh and i got a cat,, who is keeping me wanting to be home alot.. she is so cute. and confused each new thing in the house she much research ,, i love it..