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Monthly Archives: October 2013

all ones life.. can be easier
looking back through
glass pipes
 smoke fading emotions
 visiting tentatively, the past sight hurts
and smoke is a cloud which take you there,,
 we change ourselves
back and forth
we care we don’t. we care. we did
we , the collective self.
so much of it told , advised, instructed,
demanded, or in extreme
effecting mobility
 each movement of conscious mental activity is good
as long as it isnt
 asking for its rights,
rioting, or sitting on a down
 town pavement, talkin
 on the phone
about bombs
 while driving ,
as long as you are not..
over taxing the debt card
 allowing bankers to steal
your unemployment check ,,
 As long as you are not personally
 stealing, or littering
 in a sixty mile radius
 around a school
wearing blue on a all pink day.. each movement of conscious mental activity is good unless it is trying to get an education while worrying about how to pay for it, and how attached you will be to the system and how suppressed you would be if you thought of that all day, As long as it isnt thinking….. each movement of conscious mental activity is good ,,

a butterfly and a joint,,  
a jump start
 never hurts. ..

  So the question again is what do i write about?
 I think about me ,, the metal patient,, un mentally existing , holding on to some point of humanity denied by the larger picture, to them i am lay and un aware,, i have done nothing that an ape couldn’t do.. and i feel them.. I feel the system giving me the thumbs down , staring just over the cracks edge, Innerly knowing point and process have been motivations. Knowledge and  experimentations of humanity by feeling: by response to “facts”.
    oh maybe alone and guarded facts, sort of like people talking of the green giant of environmentalism being a bad thing. Like any ultimate truth is fascism..
 god equals energy..

 the battery is about to run out.. cigarettes are gone, i stop writing for the night.. The street has the same lonely shadow. Orange lights against the white cement embedded lines. Grated  straight . when they say there is no straight lines in nature. what surrounds me I am.
     but yet the Reality should lead.. but i guess the powers that be blame system ,, and why system is supposed to  be in a state of change, no perfection allowed.. and yet body is perfection natural and divine. a “given” , and can not be argued; truth..  so much time is wasted on discussions.  discussions which in global economics  makes people a lot of money , and denies others,, for one that profits looks for no change but their increase in profit. and money is not oxeagen, not food. and yet you say it is .. it supports planet ,but only against Wars,, major wars, minor conflicts are always going to happen in a global system , and the child that thinks of aliens and real life. real life..
  thinks of the need , but scowls at the deed..
    , and planet is yet dying because of the arguments and with it ourselves.  i can argue my pulse,, while the world divides into factions of the color blue to get a number into the Deluxe Nuclear Fall out shelter.. or the Geodesic Dome in under the sea.. and i can not stop dividing myself into polarities.  I love you I hate you. i accept you i reject you.. I occupy , i have already died..