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 September 12th. 2013 the days go by like i can keep up but really i can not.  So many inspiration and so little time and yet, all is time enacted and devoured; consumed, Life is love’s actions.. if we feel apart of something we do less for what we are not apart of.. as one looses to another..
  the internet is such. The model of the true character is marked by only one thing for me..action. ..
  the internet is a derpessives dream, but where for the depression.. do people , can people,  learn to much? And isn’t that consumption a two edge sword,,
  (consumptive games, movies, our conversations being shown as advertisements. Do we become of the “to us” a friend’s words,, “the sold Fantasy within the creative physical conversations refuse to have as a world body,, The Emotional Impact of World Responsibility And Vibrational Mental Health.
   it is a funny thought, because as i look it all changes,
 Waiting in some quiet part of the mind is perception.  
Waiting for reality to align with the dream. remembering nature, until realized, politically , economically and culturally.  When awareness perates where words wont go; square pegs and round holes.  

 this is a new computer and i like (and don’t)  its automatic response.
 the internet is some where behind a button..
 some where just out of reach

 ,, the internet stopped people from publishing real magazines for the price of paper. But the disposable cost of knowledge seems the premier problem. A thousand hours of mankind erased with one mean mind or just a mistake (the Delete key or a burned out hard drive) .  The action of the arm on a cup of coffee and all is gone.  All of you, words hours motives. vanished like it never happened moments, so easily typed, related mentioned, alluded to , made simplicstic and metaphysic, Gone. where ink and pen dont follow.   
  I can not read my writing. long hand it looks worse then doctors,, even with my years of eloqent sqallid trying, ( i have been making the “o” s bigger, and in the sciptive  font i write in, for which i can not change b ut have tried.. makes square letters, contracts my goals of curved lines like in nature nothing perfect, perfect is the ultimate fobile, , in philosphy and line..
the writer being tricked to use the computer.. ,, Maganectic surfaces, I would prefer writing with buildings again.    Watch the nail going in. Giving the spirit to a set of spierits, the memory of joined conscious a trillion attoms only know, frames and walls and key wholes..
  . What was, is no longer. and you can not share the facts of time and tide with another. a humanity is lost for the suppression . So devious, for true knowledge is permanent. Who controls the spread of knowledge control history, funny that, with rumors already of electrol magnetic devises,, electro magnatic pulses,, they clear hard drives.
So if you are serious about anything make more paper work,, Likeing to think of the before paper time, where it was buildings as books.
 what would our work read,, sheer surfaces, all.

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