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For it is a strength to feel.
To Not buy , or rent or lease,
,and not casually give away
the living love Walls complain of.

Middle managed situations rising interest in violence, nationally. Locally,, the buildings become the lonely tales of man’s inner cruelty of statistics and bottom lines.. The bootstrap makers, win all the time, as they tell you to pull them up.. It is only because they are pulling them down
and I am not one to wear clothing if I don’t have to. Minding that skin cleans easier than all the fashions of spring.
Yet it does tear.
I watched three minutes of television in the car. I had to buy a televsion to complain about it. It seems like complaining. But it is criticism. Television is part of environment and a creator of consciousness. It was Fox news I watched, a Televised child’s game at Six on a Boston Affiliate. A foolish sight of no research. and I am done, but I wanted to see Micheal Moore. the now famous name, not un-helping the cause of the “Film” maker gone patriot.
Let it show; the most common among us is alive and if nothing changes we will have revolts.
But I have not seen the movie yet. And it seems oxymoronic to mention The National News, from this latest American Media Giant fox who has found the brand of philosophic choices with t(IT)antalization rather than journalism , and reaps well, with only sensationalism, and high schoolish straight tea party criticism, all as common man’s media.
I will say what I know. The documentary in our time is changing into a individual realism of inner commonness. Our society is also feeling very useless and wants as much information as the Democratic foundations of one human, one vote. We are driven to pay attention to everything, and the world is changing faster than us. No never accepting, we must. yet accept that intelligence binds us. But even if you know, what do you do?
IF I say hello to you on the street and you turn me away, I look for other forms of connection , of course one came before the other.

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