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Picture 341I find pennies in the air.
and stop them from falling.
as such stillness can bring
i laugh from crying.
no longer innocent
the air tells me.
behave, believe, be free
Waste my work with plans
armmed by forgein demands.
The plum that spreads , of earth
forgets the tainted ground.

I watch movies, read news
the same fantasy
around philosophy
. how i think i created me.
nature of man.

pennes in the air
. all the wounds i ever felt.
i will feel forever

as penny , a penny
as penny in the air.
I am never sure
if i am , if I am
sick because i havent eaten
or from what i have.
never sure
if its the water
I have drunk.
or that which has
never touched my lips.

not sure it is the work
i do
or the work i take home.
that matters,

pennyes in the air.
some pride from dispair

never sure. it its the secrets i hold
or the ones held from me.

pennies in the air.
I breath to be.

my valentine
this deed.
Pennies in the air
are free.

the pounding keys are not as inspirational as a pen ,, I will admit that.. the edndless roboting factions the tedium, of the learning subconsious now. if i get out a couple of lines i am all joyful. still the Not right Desk.. and the empty nesss of my head seem to go hand in hand, the paintings on the wall ad up ,, the pages in my head wonder where to be released, the street play sparce this whole last year.. but again soon i can feel it coming.
a state or man in one kind is to little. the small that need cash is to defined for the interests of global marketing or world philosphies. and yet what isnt mentioned is exact the thing needed.. to be exposed, not that playing on the streets is the great surrendar,, it is,, on the level of the perfrormance is hardly .

from today’s journal..

why have guild the the register of sin
debt is guilt. sin is debt
economics has replaced god.

Love is devotion through loyalty .
The silent bow; My captain , my captain,
and never is the lover alone.
Infested with seeds
illusions to eternity
“sparkley” schrokas
amass of rhythms
excess and delight.
Oh in change the memory of the day
to self often forgotten
a survival cramps
innocents once. what is can often be decided.
Slow and patient
the wheels turns
I would to sam-iz-dot
as word self imports what wisdom agaisnt
take over.
to owe , to owe , to owe
and off to work i go
as they say my val
lets learn latin.

four days of valentines day,

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