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SUNP0002of endless frosting the joke and the rage.
endless for the infinite which could if was could is.
a harmless reminder of control. ficsilated by innocence, yes i always turn back to innocence which feels the true nature. with here and there and no rules but feelings.
childish ,, like illertate or both i have been called.
and each to there own is correct , but yet else
a flower be.
alone with rain and sky,

and i try to write without cigerettes,
another day aloof maybe , another day to deny, one for another. choices untrained. morally i feel the need to quit, and yet another of the natural facts is to face challenge. With all i have done it is that which i still need to do. the i aloft and unnatural to blame.
my joke is less and less ,
the more and more that seen to be failing.
the i can feel the hope so i am governing with care.
a goal is a construction amendment saying government must take sides in all issues, equaling promise, a clean sky, no war, free schooling with a non exclusionary education system.
I really want to tell the truth if i know what that was. is. could be,,
Years have been this . pen and paper of all sorts now. digtal , now clearer, ink pens are favorite the ones with bladders,, I am not sure weather they make them.. but its a lovely feel.
Writing hasn’t really been about the production for me.. Words composed less than the flow that inspires them,, direction and story seemed a waste of breathing time. contort self into plots and symbolism to be based against all else considered the human effect.. some braodcasted into your face such that you dont have to see that which might lead to a different result maybe, as power controls with opinion and regard..leaving else to the unknow or out of vogue.
the earth is flat and there are no aliens..
god is a nice being.. god is energy.
energy has no overloading for flaseness
no scorn or maliousness
it is,,
just is.
no time and no history..
Other systems ask for bigger minds than humans to consume.

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