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SUNP0002first time for sun on

the west north west,

first time for hope

the street filling,

the asking donations,

and yet i found  clay

this monning

in the car


it molds easy.


I hav enothing to say the rumors of excistance shifting thorugh..  the anger at relations becasue i am alone to qwuek what i wont say in reality, here to freely shed the ways of ediquette when it is just to touch,, and never worry.. she will someday never come back and i let myself pretend .. other wise. the stars alined. so in glorious.

i can not even , face the reason for intimacy,, a desisive lier i am ,, such that to myself i lie,, it is a way of not being mad,, like an animal. not screeching into the bezzy of incontroversial accounts and predestineation. for acitons behind the secrets are lies sometimes to the now.   and i have always denied I write fiction.. for each try ends up a crumbled mess.. and only the illusion really wants to , yet that is what an ego is.. and determined to get its way if it has to drag the rest of the cells with it..


funny how the prison alight a reasoning.. I am made of cell.. i am cold soul-d.i might have made plstice models for a living, if once was , would have..  in the remembrance of idealism.. its plastic dolls head over there behind journalistic integrity, a rumor in a bar. or hope in a crowed room. the burn lasting on its mouth since it was fed a sauder gun, to represent retailation and combat. the simple use of fire.. formed plastic forever to stare.


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