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this is by VAchel Lindsay
(Springfield, Illinois,)
It is portentous, and a thing of state
That here at midnight, in our little town
A mourning figure walks, and will not rest,
Near the old court-house pacing up and down,

or by his homestead, or in shadowed yards
He lingers where his children used to play,
Or through the market, on the well-worn stones
He stalks until the dawn-stars burn away.

A bronzed, lank man! His suit of ancient black,
A famous high top-hat and plain worn shawl
Make him the quaint great figure that men love,
The prairie-lawyer, master of us all.

He cannot sleep upon his hillside now.
He is among us:-as in times before!
And we who toss and lie awake for long,
Breathe deep and start, to see him pass the door.

His head is bowed. He thinks for men and kings.
Yea, when the sick world cries, how can he sleep?
Too many peasants fight, they know not why;
Too many homesteads in black terror weep.

The sins of all the war-lords burn his heart.
He sees the dreadnoughts scouring every main.
He carries on his shawl-wrapped shoulders now
The bitterness, the folly and the pain.

He cannot rest until a spirit-dawn
Shall come;-the shining hope of Europe free;
A league of sober folk, the workers’ earth,
Bringing long peace to Cornland, Alp and Sea.

I breaks his heart that kings must murder still,
That all his hours of travail here for men
Seem yet in Vain. And who will bring white peace
That he may sleep upon his hill again?

Abraham Lincoln walks at midnight

by Vachel Lindsay
my brother’s birth by kaambrose

It is funny that we see another day. when the words of need come to pass and yet are they forever heard. our living world is still. the next president is, to this day, joined.
Tomorrow, comes a day in our history.and yet what is today.. for eve is eve .. and yet how many black men have been president in white dominated lands. It seem to me very few. Australia?
are Arabs black?
when do we draw lines of color?
I look at the work that has come before. and wonder why we drew a line around so basic a promise, and say that is justice. when it is only a common sense protected by law. who creates laws for the spiritually scientific and responsibility of government.
The justice is never done .. cause justice would mean we train, and create an equality of life. Where the government would set up laws to insure its people of progress.. Free health care to the poor. Free schooling for the poor. And a land that is environmental-ly viable. When the business entities don’t reach for truth , as in creating cars that run on less gas. the government should create such enterprise as a matter of National security. Our progressive first worldliness should lead. We should not have another government which merely looks to cap government involvement, but leads for the progression of the people from the lowest on out.
but i know there are many word before these and yet. The dream of martin Luther king.. was it done? Did they kill him cause he could of Ran for president and in that created a time of unity ,, and why did we let corporations get so big that they control the government? Separations of church and state. separations of corporations and state.
We are coming to the next light within a tunnel that has been moving further and further into the worst dream.
history will recall the bush years as the biggest corporate control since Ronald Reagan. it is so Bad the Major corporate entity connected to the Bush administration has left the US.for (pronounced) Du-buy,, And our private economy is divided into a global sufferance. cause corporations can go beyond our American borders. and leave our shore undefended, our infrastructure weak. cause of the loss of taxes, we are being created to be a society that doesn’t make its own so it doesn’t have. where is our marketing ability against a communist world. that doesn’t have first world protections. that doesn’t give free speech , or any chaos like that.
We are coming into the world of off the grid..
we are coming into a world of self teaching. and self creation. we have left the family unit for the confusion of it. or the controlling element of it.
oh when you have generations and generations of private family matters. you run from it. from the abuse. sexual and physical. from the prejudice and unworldliness. from the “this is the way it is ..” and the personal saviors of the family as long as you bow to it.
no We now are a world left alone to find the known of our selves. Government should represent that. should help with the choices by making them for the people..
it i time to train those who have looked for answers instead of holding up a system that only repeats what they are told. We need innovations and that will only come from those that feel them. that needed.. and know hunger.. our world was created to succeed, to generate the answers through its governing light.
we should elect such. and make it first priority. to have a heart. of common mutual enlightenment. a land without color for a spirit is clear. without hatred , for history counts little for the moment. a moment we can change and in that control history. for we have brought truth to the table.
the American world should have its own teacher,, free internet schooling for all.
it wouldn’t be hard.. we would create a free school system, for we need education for all. the internet is our place.. we would support it with search engines..we would support it with help.. but it would be free and organized. and advertised.. and accredited.
it would equalize the playing field of all.
For democratic rule is only as good as it’s one vote……
tell that to the man..
it is the first step..
but we could not stop there. we would and will have to make health care free for all under the poverty mark. and we would put a halt to business cause of that, a halt.. because they say it is the price of creating a business that is the leap.. if taxes don’t include the ability to save.. ,
we don’t need to raise taxes to do such,
the expenditures would at first be large,, but then would levels out ,, we make agreements with a system already in place.. for free health care.
the internet college level accredited program would have its own gov.. and the whole system would be managed by the government.
create for only one humanitarian view,, to enlighten its people.
though a totally open educational system.
off course leaving the price of computers off the table.
but we come around to that also..
for in a matter of moments .. all old computers could be re fashioned,, smaller software.. or a whole operational system would be created to run the ‘’’FREE school System””
It is a day of creation.
for people that fall in the woods
are heard.
the meaning is that we are part of an all.
thank you for reading. picture-371

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