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astep01What is in Crimea they don’t want us to see amoung the retired, and retiredeezzs. Send me a tartar and some fish from the sea.. florida for bulshevacs, and you or western bound. three wars your attractions bound, four ,five, disciplining your irony freedom and legacy, corporate diversion and povertys sodemy for being. your fault you didnt attend, starched shirts and “treadmaster” arms, legs, thieghs achieved in pill pusher rooms, whiles sweat greets the warming sky. Only, labor and free air.. trying to kill the midle class expanding all to average wage.. average against the Chinese, the top hears only we can send globally our children to die, only we can balence an economic status but we is a media representation. on the streets children walk in bad clothes and stressed faces, addicted un consciouly, streamed into a salmons run to sex and family. to a larger fantasy as balence we cry .. americna avearge, bought and financed brainwahing and romanced independant of humaniity, Rusia worked this all out before hand, they told the major powers, I know because the pope cam out with some big ones,, (statement to the press t capture media) the Plane is still missing ( to capture the media) , Rockets Into Isrealia (from who wasnt announced as i heard it) The stock market eases up..
SAll because Ukraine changes banks.. but really ,, the oldest plow in the bood is ,, my enemy enemy is my frriend,, and it isnt being acted all that well.. but imagine a party ,, saying to another party if i cause war with you everyone will come to help you.. never mind my gas pipelines are there.. and we have been wanting to expand the secondary route but no money there.. and the enviromental restrictions.. damn ,, all that will change , you call yourself a new government like russia did,, (Hail Urkrane) and all dbts will be forgiven,, and you start a new,, spring chicken.. mean while everyone is investing and money is streaming in , everyone wins an no one looses,, in fact we willl play with a new part of russia which never left,, lol nice.. play chess more often. lol this is as good as the time magazine cover of Oswald,, and time magazine was create by the Dostovsky brothers 1861. thank you this has been a patties day rant thank you for listening ,,, oh wait reading..