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it is another day.

I awoke this morning
with snow on the ground.
white puffiness creating
soft edges of things,
hiding the hard
sharpness controlling
terror at another
day without job or means.
and i remember..
We take time from one
to live another
greedily we want both
and hope
one can see the other’s importance
but people and things only see themselves
things aren’t able to understand
people might.
and i wake thinking of the vision ; the enertialcall website. I have seen the vision long ago. and moved west to get a handle on my art and dreams . on the importance of creating a place for help and balance. the truth is made up of the inert. the rock. The Eternal Interia, (enertialcall proproganda for nature) Truth is to be identified. Only in ourselves is there any hope for the world. We must understand it ,to live it. But like all systems, it is first simple. There is no such thing as time to nature.
these are the truths I see..
our live is made up of how we think. We unite in the mind Or don’t.
How humanity contemplates Death is how we live
death is timeless
life is timeless
our connection is our conscious perspective
to focus as energy and faith
we can not focus without a conscious perspective.
we must create the balance through ourselves
and the ideas come for all else in every system.
I am creating the enertialcall to help others, see. to help myself see. we are linked to energy we are responsibly to all, only through our personal abilities to change. We must eliminate the control of religion. we must accept our roles . and in that we must relearn, regrow, retool ourselves to meet the challenges. for which our world has forsaken for Greed verse Guilt.
I create a website..
if our Goal statement is inner peace for world peace,
we will change the world for all.
the world is filled with traumas, you and i are each our own, to see these “happening” is one step of conscious change.
Life is timeless.
I am not the years of abuse, until i am able to handle it. I can reach for a greater truth until i can handle the personal truths.
A greater truth reveals the cause and mis-clairvoyants of greater systems as a person so the world. as planet is as you. we are all nature.
A step is always to realize our timelessness through meditation to see that death is a creation of humanity to explain change, but it is not to be used as a weapon against us. We are to invite the truth that eliminates prejudices of body over spirit. Spirit is energy in all things and people.
and even as proof is the point of science, we can not wait for it.
Proof for me is research Gravitational Waves. Brain waves, Neutrons, Quantum Physics.
but then come back to understand we are to change and adapt, we must understand our own energy to eliminate prejudices, for spirit is without color, nationality, or class. Spirit just is as energy is a progressive common basic sense. the Wave of change will come if not let to flounder in the wars and criminal behaviors of society and Religions.

we can not separate from spiritualism, it controls how we live through our health mentally and physical. Spirit has technologies, as in mediation and Tai chi, yoga. It is a concept of food as in Chemically free food. Spiritualism is Natural.
and Philosophic.
our abilities for change stem from the perspectives we live. the enertialcall wishes only to present ideas written many places separately.
I just wanted to create a source for furthering that point for which an artist might wish to do. I am an artist and my first canvas is myself. and through that i am spirit.
these entries tell of the thoughts i have along my path, a personal path yes, but in that i do not believe in a “just me”, and hope you can humanness in the telling of an adaptation.

I awoke to snow it awakens my survival senses.
but more i awoke to remember we are many lives at once. and many futures if we do not live the one we are. I am distracted a lot from my focus, it is my fault and my fight. Loneliness cast me into a land often unrecorded. and for that i morn while i know i must go on with what i know as important. a day given to the truth is enough to last another day.


  1. can you hear me .. want to arugue , this is the place. love and rockets. until someone wants to talk ,, here is the only place you can join the enertialcall society. A society of people devoted to inner and outer peace.
    one we get one hundred people , at ten dollar apeice. we will have one thousand to invest.. times that by one hundred a peice, and we get 10 000. in a bank account to create more money..
    we will do that by investing in Media, and Artist.. and when we get out .. we will see we are not alone, but atleast we have some cash to give back.. it is like a corporation. but one with a mandate to the people. to the claimable knowledge the mind can consume through a proper attention to history self and social

  2. the future of economics will be in the non profit sector

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