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  and yet. the mayan chalenday has seemed to effect my life. Telling goodness and remarking why the struggle has been worth it . a moment in the sun yuo way, i do not a top of the universe as upper and lower are refeared to.. more devine than a soul mate. there ouuld only be self mate. an neutrimmos registers it own thorughts , tho think we can secape out a window. metaphysics.. replaceing what was once refereered to as faiith. y idenifications, so inside the telling of defeated sel maybe, where i maa once was as now is. 

  walking braver b

  i have a new taplit i have a new way to write and see the summer pass  out side on a rock, a bench , like always, the winters have never leat enough action . at four in the morning, small towns and idele dreams. 

 we do not expect and all around us we create the pains if only to look , glassy eyed alittle. cruel for private fun, and violent if thoughts mattered. the innocense of a spoiled child with harboring guilts. end me before the morings. please i can not yet any more. to excape gives wisdom long beyond you. what father and mother a philosopyic whole. a mentioning in the dark what lies we lye on.. 

  against the meta grasp.. 

   and eyt.. 

 from ghost to a quatum physics. the i of unit and timed bristh. the i of energy thorugh water. the i  that fillal feels all he has said he would feel. where joy meets the possible and the comusmed enough to live fro every free. 

forever free. .. and i am love and fuckit and fight, folly with folly , i have seen my fool.  ashamed and called homeward because the edge and giving. and nothing can top what doesn’t matter. 

    nothingin streaming thorugh airs heirs, aires,   there is motions fo thought i hav enot travelsed and wonder on that, persona darkly thougths extremes of untold  metamophsis, the dead butterflyes  all purpole than thin lineds morark, 

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